In the year that saw us (mostly) leave Covid in the past, we have seen a return to travel that has had us sending intrepid souls to the bustling streets of Mexico, the frozen forests of Lapland, the golden-sand beaches of Greece, and on countless local travel experiences that have taken our customers on the less trodden path.

We are always on the lookout for new, exciting experiences that are unique to the destination, which is why we are always expanding the number of destinations we offer, to bring you ever more unforgettable travel moments in 2023.

Here is a selection of some of the new places we offer Not In The Guidebooks experiences and holidays, we hope that they get the soles of your feet itching appropriately.

1.     Uganda

elephants in uganda

For a country (just) smaller than the UK, Uganda packs in an incredible amount of natural beauty and an endless range of biodiversity. It speaks volumes that in a country where you can cruise the largest lake in Africa whilst gazing out at wallowing hippos, hike to the summit of snow-capped mountains, and explore thick jungles filled with exotic birds, that none of these are the main attractions of the country.

Uganda is home to one of Africa’s largest gorilla populations, and it is these majestic animals that provide one of the most memorable wildlife experiences possible, as you set off trekking through mountains and forest in search of the families of primates.

Throw in the opportunity to see lions, leopards, chimpanzees, hyenas, rhino, and so much more thanks to stretches of savannah, and you have a country that is an absolute treasure trove for any wildlife lover.

2.     Peru

condor in the colca canyon

Peru seems to encapsulate everything typically South American in one handy package. The sharp, high peaks in the thin air above the Andes, ancient Incan cities hidden deep in mist-shrouded valleys, steaming volcanoes, hectic cities that echo with the sounds of beeping horns, and submerged, tangled jungles, all this can be found within the borders of one of the most compelling travel destinations on earth.

With Not In The Guidebooks, you can trek with llamas along ancient trails in the Sacred Valley, meet people who spend their lives living on floating villages on Lak Titicaca, ride on one of the most spectacular train journeys on earth to the foot of Machu Picchu, and watch condors lazily circle above the yawning Colca Canyon.

But we go further than just showing you the highlights of Peru.  We’ll get you off the beaten track to help you discover the country like a local by showing you the secrets of Lima, and getting you cooking a local, traditional lunch with the indigenous people of Viacha, moments that will stand out in your memory despite the rolling tapestry of stunning views and wonderous landscapes.

3.     Maldives

beach and a boat in the maldives

Whilst the Maldives is probably known by most as a collection of all-inclusive hotels, luxury resorts and holiday-goers seeking nothing but sand and sun, once you scratch beneath the surface you’ll find a hugely rewarding collection of islands to visit, with a culture that weaves together African, Asian, European, and local islander influences.

To be fair however, if you’re going to visit the Maldives, you would probably expect to enjoy some time relaxing on pristine, white-sand beaches, drinking in the views of the iridescent Indian Ocean. And you’ll get plenty of that with Not In The Guidebooks, as well as some incredible opportunities to snorkel and spot dolphins, sea turtles and tropical fish, and uncover some of the countries lesser known gems.

A Not In The Guidebooks holiday goes far beyond the glitzy resorts. You’ll explore the islands that most tourists don’t, get unique local insight on bicycle tours and snorkelling expeditions with marine biologists, on unique holidays that will live long in the memory.

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4.     Kenya

sunset and zebra in kenya

When you think of Africa, the odds are you’ll conjure up images of endless plains teeming with wildebeest and giraffe, hippos wallowing in long snaking rivers than run down from snow-capped mountain peaks on the horizon, and deep red sunsets that burn seductively on the horizon. Basically, you imagine Kenya.

Spend your days on the hunt for lion, rhino, leopard, elephant and buffalo, cruising along dust tracks that wind their way through the wilderness, then after a long day spotting the Big Five, relax with a cold beer in hand overlooking the landscape, where your safari camp is the only civilisation for miles around.

With Not In The Guidebooks, we also give you the opportunity to get to know the colourful and complex local culture. On visits to traditional tribal villages you’ll be able to learn about a unique way of life, and understand the integral link that the indigenous peoples of this land have with the beautiful, fragile natural world.

5.     Slovenia

church on an island in lake bled

One of Europe’s often overlooked hidden gems, Slovenia is genuinely one of the most beautiful, and wildest, countries in the continent, despite its small size. More than 50% of the country is still covered in forest, while much of the rest of it is crystal clear lakes, Alpine mountains, and plunging gorges.

All this makes Slovenia some kind of fever-dream for any outdoor enthusiast. There are endless opportunities for world-class hiking, white water rafting, rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking and skiing, as well as the opportunity to put your feet up on the short but gorgeous Adriatic coast.

And with plenty of fairytale medieval towns to explore, as well as a cuisine that brings together the best of Italy and the Balkans, Slovenia truly has something to offer for every type of traveller.

6.     Coming up… Indonesia

island at sunset in bali indonesia

Less a country, more a 5000km, 17,000 island jigsaw puzzle of steaming jungles, tropical beaches, soaring mountains and hectic cities, Indonesia is the kind of destination you could spend a lifetime exploring, and still barely scratch the surface.

Each island provides a place for the development of a completely unique culture, meaning a visit to virtually any of the inhabited islands will provide new local experiences and a subtly distinct cuisine. Search for orangutans in the forest covered hills of Sumatra, find surfers havens on the postcard perfect beaches of Bali, or dive amongst technicolour coral reefs off Borneo.

Indonesia offers some of the last true adventures on earth. With so much to explore and so many isolated areas to visit, you can get well and truly off the beaten track, and return home with travel experiences that are hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t taken the last ferry to a far outlying island in the Pacific ocean.

At Not In The Guidebooks, we are constantly searching for new local, responsible travel experiences to bring to you, so that we can make travel benefit everyone, from our own travellers to the local communities they visit. And whether it’s a Christmas holiday in Lapland or a unique wildlife holiday in Costa Rica, you can be sure that with Not In The Guidebooks, you’ll return home having seen the very best a destination has to offer.

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