Spain is a beautiful country with warm weather and friendly hospitality. As a popular holiday destination over the years, people from all over the world have enjoyed the country’s laidback lifestyle, world famous cuisine, vibrant cities and idyllic coastlines. Whether you’re looking for invigorating activity holidays in Spain or a unique Spanish day experience, it’s a travellers’ paradise.

Whilst Spain’s beaches and sea view tapas bars are a well-trodden path for holidaymakers, travellers seeking out authentic Spanish life will be pleased to discover activity holidays in Spain and original Spanish experiences that will create memories to last a lifetime. On your Spanish adventure this year, add horse riding, flamenco dancing or surfing into your itinerary alongside the usual sunbathing and sangria-drinking.

Spain has something for everyone. Traditional Spanish culture is woven seamlessly with bustling, modern cityscapes in places like Seville, Barcelona and Madrid. Picturesque old towns in cities like Malaga and Valencia are juxtaposed with hip bars and restaurants in this country – known for its dynamic and cultured lifestyle and the ‘viva la vida’ of its people.

Then there’s the cuisine. There are few better ways than to spend an evening in a lively Spanish bar, slowly picking your way through countless dishes of tapas, sipping on Spanish beer and wine and soaking up the buzzing atmosphere that lasts long into the night. Whether it’s rich, flavoursome paella, hearty northern stews or fresh southern seafood, a foodie adventure in Spain is the culinary trip of a lifetime.

Our unique experiences and activity holidays in Spain will provide you with the best combination of culture and fun that the country has to offer. Explore the Spain that lies off the beaten path and you’ll soon find enriching experiences that help to create an unforgettable trip.