Welcome to Italy. Birthplace of western culture and art. Home to dramatic history and more UNESCO world heritage landmarks than the number of pizza slices you’ll inevitably consume on a trip here. A popular holiday destination with visitors from around the globe, whether you’re looking for an authentic Italian experience to add to your holiday itinerary or an invigorating activity holiday, Italy won’t disappoint.

When it comes to Italy, you have to mention its world famous cuisine. Simple recipes, made with fresh ingredients and a huge helping of love, make Italian food stand above the rest of the world and provides the backdrop for some incredible cooking holidays in Italy. Avid foodies will feel like they’ve died and gone to heaven on a cookery holiday in Tuscany, while exploring the street food in Rome or on a wine-tasting experience in Sorrento.

History buffs will stand in awe at the ancient well-preserved gems on every corner. On out Italian city tours you can uncover the history of Naples along its cobbled streets, visit the immense cathedrals of Florence, explore the trulli and caves of Puglia. A visit to Italy is like jumping headfirst into another century.

And Italy’s allure stretches even further than its riveting history and world-class cuisine. In fact, Italy’s nature is a masterpiece of its own. One day you could be painting the hilltop towns on a painting holiday in Le Marche or some other beautiful corner of Italy, the next you’re discovering the rolling, misty hills of Umbria by bike, before unwinding on a yoga retreat deep in the Italian countryside. All in all, Italy will capture your soul with the slow, pleasurable pace of life, and astound with its beauty.

Our unique Italian experiences and activity holidays will provide you with the best combination of culture and fun that the country has to offer. Discover the Italy that lies off the beaten track for enriching experiences and activities that will help you create an unforgettable trip.