About Fabrizio

Chef Fabrizio was born in the Tuscan wine region of Arezzo in the 70’s and grew up surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. Under the influence of his mother and grandmother, Fabrizio fell in love with cooking and the food from his region.

His family are local producers of Chianti and extra virgin olive oil and you’ll have the chance to taste these during your stay!

After obtaining a degree, he went to a hotel school in Tuscany before moving to Bournemouth in the UK to work as a chef. After that, the travel bug bit and he moved to various countries around the world to cook and experience new cultures, learn about different food and techniques in places as far afield as India, Thailand and Morocco.

Despite his travels and experience, he credits his mother and grandmother as the ‘gurus of traditional cooking’. This is where he learnt his Tuscan cooking skills and passion for quality, organic, seasonal food.