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  1. An Experience to remember in Cape Town

    Beer and Wine Tasting Tour in Stellenbosch – Guest Blog by Kath of the Cape Town Insider Welcome to Cape Town It doesn’t matter if you are visiting Cape Town for the first time, or if you have lived in the area your whole life, this day-long tour is still a real crowd pleaser. Not […]

  2. Sri Lanka: Be Immersed in History and Culture

    Sri Lanka is rapidly climbing the ranks when it comes to top exotic travel destinations, and it’s easy to see why. Nestled in the Indian Ocean off the south coast of India, this enchanting island is home to a range of diverse landscapes and scenery to explore. From beautiful beaches to tropical jungles and rainforests, […]

  3. Things to do in Sydney this Holiday Season

    Sydney is one of the most popular places to visit for some winter sun, and the first stop for many people holidaying in Australia. The city has so much to offer, from beautiful beaches and bush scenery to iconic landmarks such as The Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. It’s a fantastic place to visit […]

  4. A Scottish adventure was a day (or 2) to remember

    I started my 2 day adventure in Aberfeldy – North of Edinburgh. We checked in to a lovely hotel called the Townhouse and got ready for 2 days of activities that showed us a side of Scotland we would never have seen from the road. The first thing to note when you are going on […]

  5. Top Cape Town Beaches

    The summer holidays are all about the best Cape Town beaches to explore. This is where all the action happens. The best beach in the world for me is (obviously) in Cape Town. This city is my home and I am biased … but what’s not to love about the beautiful beaches, spectacular food, incredible people and endless outdoor activities! Easily making […]

  6. Carol talks about local experiences

    This week, we sat down with Carol, the Director of Not In The Guidebooks. We chatted about ‘Authentic, local experiences’ and why she’s so excited by them, as well as why she loves travelling with grown-up kids, and her recent trip to Sri Lanka.   Hi Carol! So for the next couple of weeks we’re […]

  7. 5 reasons why you’ll love travelling like a local

    Of course we love local travel – it’s why we set up Not In The Guidebooks. Here’s why we all think it’s the best way to experience a place. 1. Uncover things only locals know It’s not just about the place round the corner that is quieter and has as good wildlife, or the best […]

  8. Secret Nature Trips – The best locations in the world for some peace and quiet.

    So you’re looking to get out in to nature, but you want to avoid the hordes of tourists who flock to all the usual locations? Introducing our favourite, top secret nature trips. Getting out and in to nature is important. It’s relaxing, it’s good for you, and it offers some of the most breath-taking sights […]

  9. Food Travel in Sydney – Around the World in Eighty Tastes

                                        This week, we’re holding a competition to win two places of our ‘Taste of Chinatown’ tour, that’s run by Lesley from Taste Tours (check it out on Facebook if you fancy a quick pick-me-up this week). Taste […]

  10. Cooking classes – the Best Way to Experience a New Culture

    Food is amazing for so many reasons. A perfect combination of flavours can be so deeply satisfying, while spending an evening sharing a meal with friends and family is a sure-fire route to contentment (even if that only comes from the peace and quiet after everyone’s left and you’ve finished the washing up). But in […]

  11. Living on the Fringes (A weekend at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

    I was heading back to my friend’s flat when I turned the corner. Two police officers were walking just in front of me. Walking towards all three of us was a large man with long hair and a four-foot sword. He was singing ‘U Can’t Touch This’ by MC Hammer at the top of his […]

  12. South African celebrates Woman’s Day : 09th August 2017

    As a South African woman in a country which is poised on the eve of a serious no confidence vote against President Jacob Zuma in parliament followed by a public holiday to celebrate the 20,000 women who marched in protest in 1956 against pass laws which restricted blacks from white only areas, I am reminded of […]