Zarqa & Patricia

Zarqa & Patricia

Locations: Portugal

About Zarqa & Patricia

Patricia and Zarqa are both Portuguese natives with the perfect zen blend. Apart from yoga, they also have a great love and passion for surfing and find it fits perfectly with the zen in their life and connection to the ocean.

Patricia – Patricia was born in Lisbon and went to university to pursue studies in Sports and Physical Education – For more than 20 years, she’s been teaching people through different types of physical work, body and mind classes, and personal training – She is a certified Fitness and Pilates Instructor and did various training courses in Asthanga, Hatha and Dynamic yoga styles – Patricia’s classes combine exercises specially designed in flowing and a creative way to suit all levels – She also works as a Zen Shiatsu Therapist with over 10 years experience; balancing people’s energy and aligning body, mind and emotions – In 2009, she began practicing meditation daily after meeting her Spiritual Master

Zarqa – Zarqa has long been fascinated by the knowledge of life that many different native people and ancient mystical traditions have – The inner journey of self-development has taken him on many journeys; travelling to Osho communities and working with shamanic traditions – In addition, he has been meeting and working with Spiritual Master Tony Samara for more than 16 years – Zarqa is trained and certified in a very specific style of Ayurvedic massage and has been practicing since 2004