The Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera are hot property at the moment, and for good reason, being some of the few foreign holiday destinations that UK citizens can still travel to without quarantining.

Getting off the beaten track in Mallorca and Ibiza can be hugely rewarding. Mallorca isn’t all gold-sand beaches and all-inclusive resorts, Ibiza isn’t all super clubs and bars, and Menorca isn’t crowds of tourists and hot weather. There are secluded villages still practicing traditions as old as time, hidden coves hiding secret little beaches, dramatic mountains and rugged sea cliffs.

So to get you inspired for a potential trip to the Balearics, the team at Not In The Guidebooks have pulled together some experiences and activity holidays that get you off the beaten track in Mallorca and off-grid in Ibiza, so that you can experience these beautiful islands like a local.

Activities in Ibiza

sunrise in ibiza

Known as party destination number one in Europe, Ibiza is also an island of serious beauty, as well as a rich culture and fascinating history, all just waiting to be discovered if you just stray off the beaten track.

Morning Food Tasting Walk

On this food walk around the lesser-visited spots on Ibiza, you’ll get away from the tourist traps and discover a bit of real, authentic Ibizan culture and cuisine.

Explore the magical, quiet old town neighbourhood of Ibiza, wandering the cobbled alleys and shady stairways to discover the oldest bakery in Ibiza, atmospheric tea shops and bustling, colourful food markets.

As you explore the backstreets of the new town, you’ll get off the beaten track and experience proper local life, visiting the spots the residents go every day. You’ll also taste incredible authentic local food, from cheeses, jamons, pastries, and more, and try Ibizan food as it is supposed to be.

market stall in ibiza

Guided Hiking Experience

Alternatively, you could escape from the town and head out to discover the other, often underappreciated side to Ibiza – its magical natural landscapes.

Exploring trails that only the locals know, you can choose from a number of routes based on your fitness, the distance you want to walk, and what you want to see and do whilst out making the most of the secret caves and beaches, the rugged sea cliffs and rolling hills, natural springs and herbs growing in wild spots.

You’ll discover parts of Ibiza that many tourists simply don’t get to see, thanks to an expert local guide who is passionate about exploring the very best trails on the island and sharing them with you, so that you get to experience Ibiza like a local.

Activity Holidays in Menorca

sea cliffs and trees in menorca

Menorca is Mallorca’s smaller, calmer brother, boasting gorgeous sleepy towns and harbours, turquoise bays and white-sand beaches, is the preferred destination for visitors who’d rather be reaching for the swimming trunks than the lasers.

Learn Spanish and Cooking in Menorca

spanish cooking class in Menorca

Take the opportunity to really immerse yourself in Menorcan culture, on a Spanish and cooking holiday that combines free time to explore with laid back language lessons and cooking sessions with a local professional chef.

Learning the language of a place is a great way to get to know local culture and the local people, and on this holiday you’ll join a small group each morning in a sociable, friendly Spanish class that caters for everyone from beginner, to advanced.

You’ll also get the chance to join a local chef in cooking up some regional specialties, so you can take home a taste of Menorca with you. This is a top activity holiday for solo travellers, as each activity is organised in a group, helping you to socialise and explore the beautiful island with new, like-minded friends.

Popular Experiences in the Balearics

Ibiza Guided Walking Experience

Spain, Ibiza

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Sea Caving

Spain, Mallorca

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Horse Riding Holiday for Beginners Mallorca

Spain, Mallorca

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Learn Spanish & Cooking in Menorca

Spain, Menorca

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Learn Spanish and Photography in Menorca

Another opportunity to meet new people and immerse yourself in local culture by learning Spanish, on this activity holiday in Spain, you’ll explore Menorca and learn how best to capture the memories you make whilst you travel.

As well as the sociable, fun language lessons, you’ll head to some of the most photogenic spots on the island thanks to the local knowledge of your photography instructor, and on Menorca, that means some seriously beautiful spots.

Throw in some studio time to hone your skills, and plenty of free time to seek out the best beaches, hire a motorbike and zip around the stunning driving roads, or simply soak up Menorca’s addictive café culture, and you’ve got yourself a truly compelling holiday in the Balearics.

Activity Holidays in Mallorca

sea arches in mallorca

The biggest and most visited island of the four, Mallorca consists of rugged mountains, dramatic sea caves, plunging gorges, white sand beaches, stunning cathedrals and sweet-scented pine forest, so it’s no wonder travellers flock here to get off the beaten track and get a piece of it.

Horse Riding Holiday for Beginners in Mallorca

horse riding in mallorca

One of the very best ways to explore the island is on horseback. They allow you to access more of the rugged, dramatic mountainous interior than ever, and cover more ground in search of ever more beautiful views.

You’ll be surprised how quickly you can become competent on a horse and establish a connection with one of the gentle beasts, and with expert guidance and small groups, there will be plenty of support for you as you explore the winding trails in the countryside.

To relax from all the exercise, you’ll have a day in the middle of the week to really unwind in one of Mallorca’s top quality spas. With great local dishes every day, you’ll get to look back on your day of exploring with new travel companions as you reflect on another day in paradise.

Sea Caving in Mallorca

Mallorca is famous for its incredible cave network, but there are only a few where you can combine coast with cave and actually swim in one of the dramatic, atmospheric spaces. Wild swimming in the Mediterranean takes you to the concealed entrance of Cova de Coloms, where you’ll duck under the waves and emerge in the incredible sea cave.

From there, this thrilling adventure continues deep underground, and you’ll feel like a true explorer as you journey through the twisting passageways and past magnificent rock formations.

This is a truly unique adventure that introduces you to the world of sea caving whilst being totally suitable for anyone who is a relatively confident swimmer, and is a day you’re certainly not going to forget in a hurry.

Here at Not In The Guidebooks we offer a wide variety of activity holidays in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and much, much more. Whether you’re searching for that bucket list adventure in Vietnam or a quirky, unusual place to stay in the UK, when it comes to off the beaten track, local travel, we have endless options to get you inspired for the next trip.

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