Sea Caving


Sea caving is the perfect way to cool off out of the sun with friends and family. Cova de Coloms is one of the only sea caves that you can swim into here in Mallorca.

After a short swim into the cave we go deep underground, where your experienced guide will lead you through this maze like structure and underground lakes to the heart of this caving adventure.

Cova de coloms is one of the only sea caves that you can swim into here in Mallorca, located of the coast of Cala Romantica. This hidden cavern is just a 300-metre swim along the coast and 1 duck under the water at the entrance until you venture into this magical cave. Sea caving is Mallorca’s No 1 way to cool off out of the sun with friends and family!

Cova de coloms is located at a secluded beach a 40 minute walk along the coastal path. The walk has amazing panoramic views of the east coast of Mallorca.

Sea caves stalagmites are different to land types as the movement of water affects both the formation and mineral the content of the formations. These changes leave of  range of amazing red colours that glisten like diamonds on the walls  underground maze.

You don’t need to have done caving before as these vertical cave systems are a perfect introduction to the underground world of caving. You don’t have to go scuba diving or snorkelling under the water making this the perfect adventure for beginners, families and couples too.

Sea Caving in Mallorca is a fantastic unusual twist to add to your holiday and can be a full day activity easily combined with Coasteering to make it an action packed high adrenaline activity.

Sea Caving requires no experience but be prepared to get wet. If you are a non-swimmer please let us know when booking the activity. You must be in good physical and declare any medical illnesses.

Highlights of the Trip

  • 300 metre swim into the cave
  • Experienced guided tour through the underground caves

What's Included

  • All necessary equipment – Backpack, Full Wetsuit, Lifejacket, Helmet and Flashlight

What's Not Included

Please Bring-

  • Food and water (minimum 1 L)
  • A pair of shoes that offer full foot coverage such as trainers and swimwear

Other Information

Your day will approximately last from 9.00am until 4.30pm, depending on weather conditions.

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  1. Paula

    Monday 3rd June, 2019
    This was excellent, as someone who travels often and looks for extreme and different. The guides were fantastic, the activity itself was beautiful and exciting and loads of fun. They picked us up from our hotel and were running 15 minutes late and they called to apologize for the delay to confirm they were coming, I was so impressed they were so on top of everything. We did the sea caving, it's a bit more of a physical activity then we were expecting but we were thrilled. Keep it mind, it took most of the day, we were picked up around 9am and did not get back to our hotel until 6pm.

  2. Sam

    Monday 29th April, 2019
    Absolutely excellent day with Joan. As a single female joining the group was very easy. Enjoyable from trek at the start and the scenery to the swim in the sea and entering the cave. Nervous of the sea but felt totally at ease with Joan’s expertise and the caves were amazing. All round knowledge of the area and informative, really fun day out. Definitely recommend

  3. Mandy

    Monday 17th September, 2018
    My husband and I had the most amazing day sea caving yesterday. Our guide for the day, Juan picked us up at our hotel at 8:30 and it took about an hour to get to the other side of the island. During the drive he was telling us all about the caves in Majorca (over 4000 of them!). We arrived and met up with the rest of the group (there were 8 of us in all and an intern guide from Holland). We were given our backpack with wetsuits, buoyancy vest and helmet and then set off to the caves. It's about a 30 minute walk and again Juan was busy telling us all about the area. We got to the area and grabbed a snack and got into our wetsuits, again being told how to put everything on so if you've never done anything like this before they explain everything. To get into the cave there are 2 options, swim about 400 metres or jump from cliff side (about 2.5 metres high) and then swim 200 metres. I have a fear of heights and jumping off things but I did it and it felt amazing. Again, at all times Juan and the intern explained everything, where to stand and what to do and even when I got a bit nervous at jumping they were both very reassuring. Once in the caves we were just blown away at the beauty of the place. There are a couple of sections where you need to climb up or down sections of the caves, nothing major at all but you're told exactly where to stand and the natures of the caves gives sections for you to hold on to. Everyone in our group managed it all with no issues. There is a 1 metre jump inside the cave into the lake (or you can walk down and just get in the lake, or if your crazy there's a higher jump). A couple of times at certain sections Juan got us to switch our helmet torches off so he could light up the lake and it was quite simply stunning. We were told we would be in the caves for about an hour but we were in there for longer, we were all mesmerised and Juan was such a great guide explaining everything. It was quite simply the most amazing day I'll never forget it.