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Activity Holidays in Brazil

Brazil is the largest and most populated country in Latin America. This makes for a truly diverse landscape of white sandy beaches to vibrant green rainforests. From buzzing cities and authentic towns, vast canyons to towering waterfalls Brazil really has everything to offer. The main language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese though it varies from the Portuguese spoken in Portugal, however our local guides have found some amazing authentic experiences in Brazil to help you find those hidden gems only the locals know.

Best Time to Visit Brazil

Flavia’s, our local host from Rio, advice on when to visit Brazil:

‘Well first of all you need to note that our summer is opposite to your summer. When we have summer, you have winter. Many international travellers will aim to visit during our summer months, but I would advise against that because the average temperature will sit around 40 degrees. I think that this is too hot to do much more than spend time at the beach which would be a shame to miss out on exploring the city.

The best times to come to Rio would be April to June. This is when we have autumn, the days are beautiful and it’s hot but not too hot. Maximum 30 degrees during this period which is still very enjoyable. However, if you do want to experience carnival you will need to come during summer as it takes place on New Years Eve.’

Best Places to Visit in Brazil

Rio De Janeiro

It is safe to say that Rio De Janeiro is one of the most vibrant and buzzing cities in the world. Th

Rio Grande do Sul

This is not Brazil as you’ve been taught to expect it. Instead of dripping jungle and crazy ci

The Pantanal

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, there’s no way you should be missing the Pantanal. Ther


A slice of sunshine that juts out defiantly into the Atlantic Ocean, Brazil’s easternmost stat

The Amazon

The lungs of the earth, the untractable rainforest, the first thing that springs to everyone’s


Salvador is Brazil’s connection with the old world, a place where Portuguese Colonial architec


Top Things to Do in Brazil

Top Tips for Visiting Brazil

Blend in with the locals – The media has unfortunately singled out Brazil for its crime. To avoid being targeted, blend in with the locals. This means, no overt tourist attire, including sock and sandals! As well as avoiding carrying around overly pricey items or excessive amounts of money.

Wild Animals – Brazil is home a large diversity of ecosystems. For your own safety, do not touch the wild animals. Wild animals can commonly carry diseases and even a scratch could result in serious illness.

Water – the tap water in Brazil is not safe to drink. Make sure to buy bottled water and stay hydrated during the heat.