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Activity Holidays in Paraíba

A slice of sunshine that juts out defiantly into the Atlantic Ocean, Brazil’s easternmost state is certainly off the beaten track. The region attracts relatively few domestic tourists, let alone international ones, and that means there is an entirely authentic, untouched culture to discover there.

And it’s a state that, for its size, packs a lot of charms. The tidy, charming capital offers the same beautiful beaches, atmospheric restaurants and bars and relaxed parks without overwhelming crowds or astronomic prices.

Outside of João Pessoa, the terrain becomes more rugged and the culture more timeless and authentic. Cattle ranching dominates, and the warmth of the welcome you receive in this humble area is unlike anywhere else in the country.

Whilst it may not be first on everyone’s bucket list, Paraíba can be one of your most rewarding Brazilian experiences if you dig beneath the surface to unearth the archeological and cultural gems that hide amongst the fantastic fish grills on the coast and the crackling beef Churrascos in the interior.