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Best Time to Visit Rio De Janeiro


According to Flavia, our local host, these are the best times to visit:

Well first of all you need to note that our summer is opposite to your summer. When we have summer, you have winter. Many international travellers will aim to visit during our summer months, but I would advise against that because the average temperature will sit around 40 degrees.

I think that this is too hot to do much more than spend time at the beach which would be a shame to miss out on exploring the city. The best times to come to Rio would be April to June. This is when we have autumn, the days are beautiful and it’s hot but not too hot. Perhaps maximum 30 degrees during this period which is still very enjoyable.

However, if you do want to experience carnival you will need to come during summer as it takes place on New Years Eve.

Top tips for visiting Rio De Janeiro

Tips from our local guide, Flavia:

Learn some Portuguese because not everyone speaks English. The main touristic areas will have English speakers, but it is best to learn a few phrases before you go. Most of the menus are in English which is helpful but to ensure you feel more comfortable, practice some Portuguese before you go.’

Try the food because Brazilian cuisine is very good. There is a large variety of cuisine as we have heritage from Portugal, Africa, India and we have such a fusion of foods.’

Come with an open mind. People are very nice here and will talk to you and try and help you. Also, we are a country still in development so be aware that public transport is very sporadic. Be prepared to wait.’

The best way to get around would be to walk. Although Rio is a very big city the main touristic attractions tend to be in walking distance. For example, around the Copacabana area. You could also cycle. For the more far away areas such as Downtown I would suggest taking the metro.’

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