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Activity Holidays in The Pantanal

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, there’s no way you should be missing the Pantanal. There are very few places on earth where true isolation and lack of development, rich biodiversity and beautiful animals, flat landscapes and great viewpoints all combine like this.

A huge area half the size of France, this wetland that seeps into Paraguay and Bolivia supports leopards, huge anteaters, otters, capybaras and a massive variety of exotic birds.

It’s pretty inaccessible, especially by road as there are no towns and very few people that live there, so the easiest way to get around is by boat and small planes. But with this isolation comes stunning natural beauty and a real sense of being in true wilderness.

Waking up to a sunrise mirrored in the otherworldy marshes, with the sounds of wildlife floating in from the hidden streams and clusters of tangled branches, is an experience you won’t forget.