Wildlife & Nature

Wildlife and Nature Often it’s the natural scenery or wildlife spotting opportunities which entice you to visit a certain part of the world. Getting up close and personal with rainforests, plants and animals which you don’t find at home can be one of the highlights of your holiday. If you like to get your fix of nature and wildlife at each destination then our wild activities and nature tours are for you. Why should you try our wildlife tours? Our eco nature tours and wildlife activities are designed to get you as close to the action as possible, without potentially harming the natural environment. Any avid photographer would enjoy our wildlife photography tours, and our selection of nature activities are also perfect for people who wish to learn more about the native fauna and wildlife, and protecting their natural habitat. When travelling abroad it is often difficult to know which excursion companies provide services which are sustainable and actively protect local wildlife and ecosystems – we’ve sourced local activities which always benefit the local communities, including the resident wildlife. What type of wildlife activities do we offer? From short nature walks to overnight wildlife safaris, we have a wide variety of natural encounters for you to choose from. Each activity is tailored to the destination so you can make the most out of your time. Here are some of our favourite wildlife tours: Yala National Park Safari, Sri Lanka As Sri Lanka wildlife tours go this has to be one of the best; featuring two days in the country’s premier national park and luxury overnight tented accommodation. Local guides will take you out on long safari drives to spot some of the country’s top game including leopards, elephants, buffalo and crocodiles. It’s truly an adventure you’ll remember forever. African Animal Encounters, Garden Route South Africa is one of the world’s most renowned destinations for viewing wildlife, especially on safari. But how would you like to get up close and personal to the animals rather than sit in the back of a Jeep? On the Garden Route your guide will take you to wildlife conservation camps where you can meet rescued animals such as lions, cheetahs and elephants. Have your photograph taken with some of the most majestic and fierce animals on the planet. Berry Island Nature Walk, Sydney You don’t always have to travel far from the city to enjoy nature. A nature tour guide will show you around the beautiful Berry Island, which is joined to the mainland and offers stunning views across to Sydney Harbour. Learn about the area’s fascinating Aboriginal history and colonial heritage through its fauna, bushland and mangroves. Are you ready to experience the wild side of your holiday destination? Take a look at our selection of wildlife tours and book ahead in advance.