Northern Lights by Heated Sleigh


Experience the northern lights in complete comfort and warmth, as you're pulled in your heated sleigh through the stillness of the ethereal night-time forest, illuminated only by the stars, moon and nature's most incredible light show.

Highlights of the Trip

  • Glide through the beautiful landscape in total comfort.
  • Relax by a roasting campfire and enjoy myths and legends of the landscape.
  • Witness the most incredible natural light show on earth.

“The fells are drawn against the night sky like the chest of a sleeping giant, snow crystals glittering like pearl dust in the moonlight.” FROM AN EARLY 1900’S TRAVELOGUE

Take a seat in the heated Aurora sleigh and relax, as your guide tows the sleigh with a snowmobile through the snowy, starlit landscape, all the way to the top of the fells where you’re far away from the residential areas and any light pollution.

On arrival, we’ll prepare our cameras and compose photographs of the pitch-black night sky, scattered with clouds of countless stars hanging above the softly glowing landscape.

We wait for the northern lights to appear in comfort by a roaring campfire, enjoying hot drinks and listening to traditional tales until someone spots the first flare.

Now your imagination is the only limit: The northern lights rippling in enormous waves across the sky, the constellations, snowy trees, and the shimmering snow-covered fells…

What's Included

  • Warm clothes
  • Necessary equipment
  • Guide
  • Food & drinks

Location Information

This tour runs from both Saariselkä and Levi Finland

Other Information

Child: 4-14
Infants: Free

This experience is also available in Levi.

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