Locations: Tenerife

About Sandra

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m from Tenerife and ever since I could remember I’ve had a passion for the my island, its environment and its sustainability. Teaching people the importance of respecting nature and the different areas when visiting a location.  Every company I’ve worked for I always make sure they have strong environmental policies and work to protect the natural landscapes in the destination.

Another passion of mine is trekking and the outdoors. And a few years ago, I actually worked as a mountain guide in Germany, adventuring and showcasing the beauty of the rural parts of the country . In my spare time, I’m always lacing up my hiking boots to head out on a new adventure. From the mountainous regions in Tenerife to the German countryside, right through Europe, and a short stint in South America, I have hiked and trekked. In any destination, if there are rocky hills and steep mountains to be explored, they’ve got my name all over them.

After my time in Germany, I decided to come home to Tenerife and work to show people how incredible my home is. So I started to look for a job as a tour guide and my number one consideration when choosing a place to work was they had to have a culture and values that matched mine. So, respecting the environment, local cultures and passion to work to improve the lives of local people on the island.

What inspired you to work in travel?

Being from Tenerife, I know this island has so much more to offer than the main, crowded tourist hotspots. I wanted to showcase the traditional part of the island. The nature, the mountains, the volcanoes, anything away from the crowds.

What makes your experiences special?

With more than 20 years experience, we have a vast knowledge of the island, its landscape, the people and the best, most interesting things to do. The tours we offer are not just your run of the mill tours, we always try to go deeper to give as much detail and information as possible, so info about the natural aspects of the area, the wildlife, the history, local traditions, information to fully immerse people into Tenerife.

And we always make sure the experiences we offer are fully sustainable and ethical. Working to protect the environment, so giving tourists an amazing experience whilst respecting nature and the local people at the same time.