Ilaria Montuori

Ilaria Montuori

Locations: Italy

About Ilaria Montuori

Ilaria is one of our hosts in Sorrento, with Sorrento Tour Guides Company. She’s an English speaking guide authorized by local authorities.

Why would you encourage people to visit Sorrento?

“Sorrento is a nice place where to spend the holidays and to use as a base for very interesting excursions as the Amalfi Coast tour, the visit of Pompeii and Naples or Herculaneum and Mount Vesuvius. It is at a very short distance from the most requested destinations but at the same time it offers a relaxing vacation surprising the visitors with its own local culture.

I really like Sorrento in the summer.  From Easter to the end of October is  very well organised for tourism even if is a small town. Strolling around you’ll meet people from all over the world fascinated by the sunsets, the scient of the flowers and the background music.

Spend your time in Sorrento just relaxing,  and then take day trips out.

Last but not least  Sorrento and the entire area is considered one of the best places in Italy for an unforgettable food experience.”

Look forward to meeting you.