Pompeii Off the Beaten Track


Experience Pompeii in a unique way, exploring the famous site with a knowledgeable guide and witnessing the stunning view that is Pompeii in the afternoon.

Watching the sunset in Pompeii, away from the crowds truly is a magical experience. You can appreciate the different colours and the atmosphere in a unique way.

From one of the entrances you’ll get to the main square called Forum. This is the centre of the town. It is surrounded by temples and civil and political buildings. This huge square also hosts a Market place where you’ll see the Plaster casts. These are the bodies of those who died of agonising asphyxiation during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius on 79 AD.

From here you will be taken to the Baths of the Forum. These are the smallest public baths in Pompeii but at the same time the most elaborately decorated.

This tour includes a visit to the area dedicated to the Theatres, where Pompeiians used to perform. The Odeion, the small theatre in particular is extremely well preserved and the original decorations are still intact.

During the tour your guide will show you how to recognize the signs of the daily life of Pompeii: the Graffiti scratched on the walls, the stepping stones for crossing the roads and the electoral posters to name a few.

According to the openings the tour will continue in the private houses.

Highlights of the Trip

Watching the sun go down
Experiencing Pompeii away from the crowds
Evidence of daily life
Elaborately decorated buildings

What's Included

Guided tour

What's Not Included

Personal expenses

Other Information

Tour will start at 15:00

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