David and Bernard

David and Bernard

Locations: France

About David and Bernard

As a result of his love of France and passion for French cuisine, professional chef David moved to the village of Gramont in France’s Gascony region in 2002.

It was here he met and joined forces with Chef Bernard, who has owned and run a successful restaurant in Gramont, Le Petit Feuillant, for over twenty-five years.

Their vision was to design a cookery course that would give guests the chance learn an impressive range of skills as well as how to prepare delicious French menus in just under a week. Making French cuisine enjoyable and accessible to all.

David and Bernard are passionate about the food and wine from the Gascon area. During your French cooking classes either in the main house kitchen or in the professional kitchen of the Auberge (“French Farmhouse Restaurant”) which is a few minutes from your accommodation, you’ll have the pleasure of cooking seasonally with fresh food you’ve purchased yourself from the local French market.