Thanks to nearly 1000 miles of coastline directly facing the endless swell of the Atlantic or the warm, crystal clear Mediterranean, Spain is an absolute treasure trove of beaches that make the ideal setting for a surfing holiday.

The only question is, where do you actually find the very best surfing beaches in Spain? With so many to choose from, and many of them lying a little off the beaten track , it either takes a locals knowledge to find the best surf spots in Spain, or this handy little blog here.

1.     Mundaka

You really couldn’t start any article detailing the top surfing beaches in Spain without immediately mentioning what is generally considered to be the country’s surf capital, Mundaka.

Located on the northern coast of the Basque country, the region just off the coast of a quaint fishing village enjoys uninterrupted swells that start in the midst of the Atlantic and come rolling their way to shore through the Bay of Biscay to create some of the best surfing conditions in Europe.

And whilst it’s not necessarily a ‘beach’, it’s a combination of currents, sandbars and stunning scenery that acts as a draw for surfing enthusiasts all over the world – the ideal location for a Spanish surfing holiday.

man with a surfboard in spain

2.     Corralejo

Away from the mainland and a lot further south, Corralejo is a vibrant town on the coast of Fuerteventura, offering up one of the most naturally ideal spots to surf that you could possibly ask for.

400m bays protected by reefs at either end, consistent winds and aquamarine waters make this a surfer’s paradise and the ideal place for either learning to catch the waves for the first time, or for experienced surfers to hone their skills in a thriving community.

It’s location in the Canary Islands mean the area has stunning weather all year round, and if you want to try your hand at windsurfing, kitesurfing, and more. Discover your next surf camp in Fuerteventura here.

surfers riding the waves

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3.     Playa de las Americas

Sticking to the Canary Islands for now, we’ll hop to Tenerife for another surfer’s island paradise, and the area around the Playa de las Americas. Located on the southern coast of Tenerife, this area has countless stunning, white-sand beaches with excellent surf conditions.

It’s also the perfect area for those looking to fill their spare time with activities such as snorkelling, diving with dolphins or sea turtles in the wild, or hiking the spectacular, rugged interior of the island.

There are reliable waves at this exposed beach thanks to a reef break, and summer is the best time for beginners to try and learn on your surfing holiday in Tenerife, thanks to the calmer conditions.

swimming on a surfboard in tenerife

4.     Zurriola

Back to the mainland, and now for a beach that’s a little closer to the comforts of civilisation. Located close to the beautiful city of San Sebastian, in the Basque region, Zurriola is a cracking surfing beach which is particularly popular with beginners.

The real draw of this beach is the location, set amongst laid-back surfer hostels and camps, with the nightlife, bars, restaurants and beautiful colonial streets just a stone’s throw away. This means you can enjoy the buzzing city atmosphere by night, and then hit the swells in the day.

Known as one of Spain’s urban surf capitals, you’ll find countless other like-minded travellers flocking to this northern corner of Spain, ready to take on the waves whilst enjoying a proper cultural experience on a surfing holiday in San Sebastian.

beach at sunset in san sebastian spain

Here at Not In The Guidebooks, we believe the best way to experience authentic, local life on your travels is to immerse yourself in the culture of the region, by trying out the same activities that the locals do every day.

In many places, surfing is less a hobby than a way of life, and by getting out in the waves and spending time enjoying the thrill of catching a wave, you’re getting an insight into a real slice of local life.

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