8 unusual watersports to try this summer

While the rush of surfing never wears off and exploring below the waves as a scuba diver still means exploring new worlds, sometimes it’s good to mix it up. These eight unusual watersports will have you soaked, smiling, and struggling to explain what you’ve done to friends and family when you get home.

1. SUP yoga

girl stand up paddleboarding on holiday

Stand up paddle boarding (aka SUP) is the art of standing up on a long, surf-like board while paddling, and requires excellent balance and core strength. Combine that with yoga on a SUP holiday, and you’re well on your way to mastering control of your body… or taking an unintentional dip in the water.

2. Jet pack flying

guy jetpack flying in harbour

Ditch your usual watersports equipment in favour of this futuristic gadget. Strap the jetpack on your back, and soon you’ll be flying through the air, bouncing over the surface of the water and imagining you’re a superhero (it’s a natural side effect).

3. Zorbing on water

Zorbing by lake resort on holiday

You may have seen these hamster ball-like contraptions in videos online, generally with people inside them rolling down hills and crashing into each other. Now, you can take this activity – dubbed ‘Zorbing’ – to the water. Climb in an inflatable ball, roll into the sea, and you will quite literally be walking on water.


four SNUBA divers in ocean

This may sound like a pronunciation of ‘SCUBA’ with a mask and snorkel on, but it’s actually a new concept that combines aspects of snorkelling and scuba diving. With SNUBA, you no longer need to carry an oxygen tank to explore the depths – oxygen is supplied through long hoses connected to rafts on the surface.

You can SNUBA without being certified (unlike scuba diving) and still get the benefits of underwater exploration. Sneat!

5. Underwater hockey

underwater hockey players fighting over puck

Basically, take all the elements of regular ice hockey and add an H2O element by playing at the bottom of a pool. As a player, you’ll be equipped with a snorkel, fins and a mask. All the rules remain basically the same, and involve chasing the puck around the pool floor, while utilising free diving techniques.

6. Kitesurfing

girl kitesurfing on holiday

Kitesurfing (or kiteboarding) continues to grow in popularity, especially in places like Fuerteventura, Portugal, and Morocco, where the windy coast creates perfect conditions. This up-and-coming watersport combines elements of wakeboarding and paragliding, and involves balancing on a small board while holding on to a kite.

Thrill-seekers will love being propelled across the water by the wind, which gives you the momentum to jump over waves and enough hang time to execute difficult tricks.

7. Wakeskating

wakeskater doing trick behind boat

Wakeskating is a combo of land and water sports that takes skateboarding to the waves. Similar to wakeboarding, but without any bindings, it is difficult to master but results in more impressive tricks.

8. Barefoot water skiing

guy and girl barefoot water skiing

Skis are so last summer. Barefoot water skiing is just as it sounds – you’ll be pulled along behind a powerboat by rope as you glide along the water reaching up to 30 mph completely barefoot.

Before you tackle these crazy options, you can get used to the water with a range of sports and watersports holidays.


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