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As a South African woman in a country which is poised on the eve of a serious no confidence vote against President Jacob Zuma in parliament followed by a public holiday to celebrate the 20,000 women who marched in protest in 1956 against pass laws which restricted blacks from white only areas, I am reminded of the struggle to free this incredible country from its dark and sad past.

We are a nation made up of diverse cultures and yes we have a rather complicated history but we are a fiercely proud “people”. Being a Capetonian and most certainly a very Proud South African, there is so much to celebrate! So what will we be celebrating? Spring is around the corner and the whales have made their first appearance in Hermanus. The wild flowers up the West Coast have already created carpets of magic which can be seen as far as the eye can see. The weather forecast indicates the sun will shine across the country and the traditional Braai (that’s a barbeque for those that don’t understand South-Africanese) will feature in most back gardens, as people will relax or gather to share their day off work with family and friends. I am sure my kinfolk are stocking up in anticipation of Wednesday’s festivities with some of the country’s favourite things such as Nik Naks (Corn chips), Biltong (Cured raw meat), Boerewors sausage (coarsely minced sausage)and  Koeksisters (a sweet sticky delight), 

I am proud to be part of this nation, I am proud to be a woman in South Africa. Here are a few of the things that make me proudly South African: Cape Town, Table Mountain, Our Beautiful Beaches, Our Beautiful vibrant resilient People, Great Food, Good Wine, Good local Music, Incredible things to see and do, views from heaven ……the list simply goes on and on. Click here to take a look at what our local partners can show you.

South Africa celebrates Woman’s Day – Wednesday 9 August 2017