Now more than ever, it feels as though it’s impossible to get away from screens. At work, on our commute, at home, in the pub… it seems as though digital technology has crept into almost every aspect of our lives, so it’s little wonder when some people find the idea of a digital detox holiday so appealing.

Whilst we’ve obviously reaped massive benefits from the technical revolution, it often feels as though we can become trapped scroll, reading vicious arguments in comment sections, trawling through meaningless content, and overall just becoming tired of the online space.

Too much screen time has been linked to sleep deprivation, anxiety and depression, and can leave people actually feeling more isolated from the world they’re trying to connect with. A digital detox holiday can help you escape this spiral, even if only for a short while, and help you feel closer to friends, family, or the natural world as you stop experiencing the world through phone, and switch off from social, work or other worries back home.

What is a digital detox holiday?

Essentially, a digital detox holiday is any holiday where you leave all your digital devices at home. Phone, iPad, laptop, all of it stays at home or at least remains switched off and tucked away, only for use in an emergency.

people going on a digital detox holiday

The idea is to go somewhere without a reliance on modern technology that so often rules our lives. It doesn’t particularly matter where, but generally the more off-grid you get, the easier it is to disconnect from the constantly connected lifestyle.

You could be relaxing in the sun on a gold-sand tropical beach in Thailand, or unwinding at an off-grid glamping site in an English woodland, the point is that you take some time to switch of from the digital world, and focus on your surroundings, your mindset, and the people around you.

Why do people go on digital detox holidays?

As we’ve already discussed, being constantly online and switched on is tiring. Being constantly connected means there’s no reason not to reply to that person’s message, not read through what’s been said on the group chat, not check our emails.

All this endless checking, reading, replying and scrolling can lead to burnout, so it’s important we take time to switch off from the digital world every now and then and focus on real, face-to-face connections and experiences.

sitting yoga pose

People go on digital detox holidays to reconnect with each other and enjoy a more human experience. They go to relax, to feel calm and enjoy living in the here and now. Once travellers return from a digital detox holiday, they tend to find they are less stressed and more able to face day-to-day life, thanks to the time they have taken to just slow down for a short while.

Digital Detox Holiday Ideas

When you’re on the hunt for a digital detox holiday, it can be difficult to know where to start. Do I want an off the beaten track holiday in a far-flung destination like Vietnam, Lapland or Costa Rica? Or, would an off-grid holiday in the UK be the best option for getting that priceless feeling of really getting away from it all.

To help get you inspired and thinking about your next digital detox holiday destination, we’ve picked out a few ideas that might just get the juices flowing.

Popular Digital Detox Holidays

Maddle Brook Safari Tent Retreat

England, Herefordshire

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Yoga Holiday in Montezuma

Costa Rica, Puntarenas Province

View Experience

Paradise Island on Phu Quoc


View Experience

Luxury Icelandic Eco Retreat

Iceland, Reykjavik

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Paradise Island on Phu Quoc

beach in pho

Nothing says escapism and getting away from it all like a white-sand beach, glorious blue skies and warm seas, and that exactly the setting you’ll get on this tropical island experience in Vietnam.

Phu Quoc lies just off the south coast of Vietnam, and represents the perfect place to unwind, switch off, and forget the outside world even exists for a short while. All you need to focus on is snorkelling in the clear seas, trying out the world-class local cuisine, and hiring a scooter to go exploring the beautiful inland scenery.

It’s an incredible destination for a digital detox holiday, and will provide the setting for real, lasting memories when you decided to live in the here and now and take each moment as it comes.

Yoga Holiday on Montezuma

There is little better than yoga and meditation sessions on a shaded deck, the sounds of the rainforest and waves washing in your ears, to help focus your mind and forget about the busy online world.

On this yoga holiday on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, you can combine idyllic beaches, a luxurious eco-lodge set in the jungle, and wellness activities to enjoy the feeling of switching off and escaping from the rush of everyday life.

Leave your laptops at home and ignore your inbox, this retreat is all about recharging yourself and looking after your own wellbeing – and in settings like this it couldn’t be easier.

Safari Tent Retreat in Herefordshire

entrance to safari tent byford glamping

Nestled deep in the heart of a Herefordshire woodland, on what feels like its own private island at a bend in a river, is this beautiful glamping retreat that provides the perfect backdrop for your digital detox holiday.

You’ll stay in a beautiful safari tent which is totally off-grid, using a log burner for warmth, solar panels and gas for cooking and hot water, and candles and solar-powered lights for the nighttime. There is no wifi and there are no electricity sockets, so even if you were tempted to sneak a look at your WhatsApp, on this digital detox challenge it would be a challenge.

All this seclusion allows you to enjoy time in the luxurious tent, complete with hard wooden floors, four-poster beds, a large fire-pit and your own private picnic and bonfire area – perfect for exploring the river via canoe or stargazing as darkness falls in the evening.

5 Day Romantic Aurora Adventure

person on a digital detox retreat in lapland

As one of the last true wildernesses in Europe, Lapland is the perfect place to escape to for when you just feel like you need a break from the digital world. On this romantic adventure for two, you can spend some real quality time together in one of the most spectacular destinations on earth, leaving the distractions of 21st century life behind you.

Spend your days cruising through the snow-covered forests on reindeer rides, crashing through snowdrifts on snowmobiles, relaxing in a spa or with a hot stone massage, or exploring yourself on cross-country skis, snowshoes or toboggans.

By night, head out into the wilderness with a guide to catch the beautiful sight of the Northern Lights, and enjoy the otherworldly view from bed thanks to your glass-roofed aurora hut. Everyday life never felt so far away.

Luxury Iceland Eco-Retreat

hot basalt stone pool in iceland

Throw together beautiful eco-friendly accommodation that runs solely on geothermal and hydroelectric energy, your own basalt geothermally warmed pool, some of the best, genuinely authentic Icelandic cuisine in the whole country, and the endless array of stunning natural wonders the volcanic island has to offer, and you’ll forget your phone ever existed.

During the days you’ll visit ice caves, mighty waterfalls, beautiful glaciers, bursting geysers, secret lagoons, and so much more. During the evenings you can soak in your basalt pool and drink in the beauty of the Northern Lights, or if you visit in summer, the sweeping views of the snow-capped mountains in the distance.

The retreat itself is stunning, serving up some of the best food in the country using ingredients exclusively from the local area. In your free time you can explore the local on relaxed walks, and simply soak up the quiet of this beautiful, secluded corner of Iceland. Whilst the retreat does provide you with wifi, we have a feeling that scrolling through Facebook will be the last thing on your mind.

Here at Not In The Guidebooks, we work hard to seek out incredible experiences in some of the most far-flung corners of the globe, neatly packaging them so that you too can escape to secluded, beautiful parts of the world not often visited by your standard tourist.

We find that it’s in these hidden corners that our guests find it easiest to disconnect and switch off from the outside world, where people create lasting memories of real experiences, and that’s why we feel that these digital detox holidays are perfect for anyone on the hunt for that feeling of true escapism that only travel can provide.

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