Walking & Hiking

Walking and Hiking Activities Explore hidden forests and beautiful scenery with one of our walking and hiking tours. Sometimes, the best way to see the finer details and beauty spots of a destination is on foot. We have a range of leisurely paced tours, to more challenging hikes and activities. It’s time to get exploring. What you can expect from our hiking tours? Our ambassadors have found the best tours and trips to showcase the beautiful place you’ll be visiting – they’ll include history, beautiful scenery and those hidden gems you just have to see. Don’t take our word for it, the best way is to find out for yourself. What type of walking and hiking activities do we offer? Hike to Secret Waterfalls in NuwaraEliya, Sri Lanka Hike to one of the biggest waterfalls in NuwaraEliya. The trail head is just twenty minutes out of town and is known for its abundant waterfalls or ‘angels’, as the locals call it. You’ll start on mud roads that snake through beautiful valets and vegetable plantations. Then you’ll enter the jungle and hike along a stream to get to the falls. First, you’ll see smaller falls, before reach Sri Lanka’s largest water fall, where you can even jump in for a refreshing and relaxing dip. Mathikettan Shola Rainforest trek, Kerala, South India A trip full to the brim of nature and beautiful scenery. Trek through Mathikettan Shola National Park and get a unique opportunity to experience the biodiversity of the plants and animals endemic to the region. The National Part if home to a wide variety of fascinating flora and fauna, including the Malabar Giant Squirrel, gaur, sambar and elephants. You’ll begin your walk at Shola Forest – a high altitude rainforest known for its unique biodiversity of plants and animals. The walk will then continue through plantations until you reach Shantanpara. Sky Labrinth and Lost City, Cape Town, South Africa Nestled high above Sandy Bay lies an ancient natural labyrinth not many know about. Experience panoramic vistas of both ‘Lion’s Heads’ and explore hidden passageways at cloud level about Cape Town’s most rugged and secluded coastline. Unspeakable beauty awaits around every corner. Ancient forests, long forgotten remains of a WW2 city and an opportunity to swim before lunch. The remainder of the day will take us along gentle paths and contours along a magical journey unknown to most Capetonians. Why should you try these activities? For the outdoor lover, explorer and appreciator of all things beautiful– take to the ground and see what this beautiful destination has to offer.