9 fun facts about Barcelona

Below are 9 fun facts (from the most to

I am a European city.

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I am a port on the Mediterranean.

Which means I have beautiful beaches to relax on.

I am the 2nd largest city in my country.

And I am not the capital.

You might see a bullfight here.

But we’d rather you didn’t for the sake of the bulls, and instead took a bike tour of the city.

Columbus announced his New World discovery here.

Meaning we were established when he sailed the ocean blue.

My people speak Catalan, a Spanish dialect.

You’ll see many of my signposts and menus in Catalan, Spanish, and English to accommodate for visitors.

Antoni Gaudi influenced my architecture.

You may recognise many of his famous works as you wander through the city.

I hosted the Olympic Games in 1992.

And the view from the diving platform was spectacular and quite similar to what you see above.

I am in Spain.

And like any Spanish city, love siestas, tapas, and the sun!

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