Photography Tours and Courses In an age where we can capture a moment at the click of a button, it makes sense to learn how to do it properly, or to visit the most Instagram-worthy spots. Luckily for you, we’ve found the best photography tours and activities that take you to picture perfect locations, so the hunting high and low has already been done for you. What you can expect from our photography activities? We’ve rounded up the very best tours, giving you a full range of photography activities and styles. From learning the all-important art of smart phone photography, to embarking on a tailor made wildlife photography tour, there’s something here for everyone. What type of photography activities do we offer? Just like any art form, when it comes to photography, there’s such a diverse range of styles and techniques. The best bit… you have lots of options to pick from and bring your own style out. Sydney Smart Phone Photography Workshop, Sydney, Australia Nowadays, almost everyone has one. Smartphones are revolutionising photography - everyone’s getting better at using them and creating professional looking shots at the tap of a screen – so let’s get on-board and learn how to capture those timeless shots and experiences. Learn how to use your phone’s inbuilt camera in simple and easy steps, as you explore the urban landscape of Sydney. It’s a small but powerful tool – learn how to use it properly and create amazing photographs, not just in Sydney but wherever else you go on your travels too. Sydney is a changing city. Come and explore the new and exciting landscape as you meander through the old, new and unexpected. Edinburgh Photography Experience, Edinburgh, Scotland Edinburgh is a truly beautiful city and you should always have a camera on hand when wandering around, which is why this fantastic tour is a must. Get the very best out of your photography and enjoy the very best vantage points around the city. You’ll capture stunning architecture, landscape and portrait photography, with historical buildings, beautiful views, sombre theatricality and the mighty Edinburgh Castle. Scotland Wildlife Photography, Edinburgh, Scotland Capture once in a lifetime shots and enjoy a guided tour around all the best locations on and off the beaten track. Choose how long you’d like your tour to be, from one to seven days, and tell us what wildlife you have your heart set on photographing, then we’ll design a day or break away that will give you the very best chance to capture it. You’ll see some of Scotland’s best birds and wild animals, as well as getting a history of Scotland and its people. The places, the heritage and the history are just a few things that make pictures come alive – with this tour, you’ll be creating your own stories and experiences too. Why should you try these activities? For the modernist or traditionalist, if you have an eye for a beautiful picture, or if you’re eager to learn more, you’ll find an urban or wildlife photography tour that’s perfect for you.