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Trying to list everything Tuscany is famous for is like asking how much pizza, pasta or gelato you’re going to eat when you visit. The answer is, a lot more than you originally would have thought.

In a lot of other regions around the world, culture is something you choose to participate in, something you go for. In Tuscany however, it’s something you live, breath and feel even as you’re simply strolling through its winding lanes and narrow alleyways.

Tuscany is the true birthplace of the renaissance, where some of the greatest artists in human history, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michaelangelo, to name a couple, at some point or another, liked to call casa (or as we’d say, home).

And this fact is reflected in the graceful, dignified poise that the entire region holds itself in. Every town and city is dripping with cultural riches, just waiting to be discovered.

So whether it’s staring in awe at the enchanting art and architecture of Florence, feasting on traditional Tuscan cuisine in Pisa, or roaming the lesser-known marble quarries of Lucca, the only issue you’ll have is deciding which part of this idyllic region to start in.

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