Steve Mchardy

Steve Mchardy

Locations: Sydney

About Steve Mchardy

“I have always worked in tourism – almost always since I was about 15, when I first started working on pleasure boats, and I have been in tourism seriously from my early 20’s.

I have so much experience in tour leading, tour directing, tour guiding and that experience ecompasses 50+ countries, 300-400 different tours.

I know what people want and what makes a good tour! My trips are all about quality, a relaxed leisurely experience that are niche to the market. There are so many tourism companies offering day trips, but to really experience what these places have to offer, a day’s time frame simply isn’t enough. “”

What made you set up these experiences?

“I wanted to offer something that was a little out of the ordinary, that allowed travellers to get a little bit more under the skin of Sydney, and see something of the city that not everybody sees.

Every traveller that goes to Sydney sees the bridge and the Opera house – that is fine, you should, they are beautiful pieces of architecture to see – but that isn’t all you should do when you visit Sydney.

You should spend some time trying to get under the skin of Sydney, there are some amazing places that I want people to see and experience properly. And with my love of tourism it made a great reason to show people that there is more to Sydney than what you think stereotypically.”

Explain a little bit about each of the experiences you offer.

“When people come to Australia, Canberra is so often missed – it is not on everybody’s radar, and I think that is a real shame. I guide a Two Day Cultural Canberra Experience, it is such a fascinating capital, with a lot going on there and the national monuments are spectacular. In particular the national war museum, which is, without a doubt, probably one of the finest war memorial museums in the world. For tourists to really understand how Australia has evolved since its political inception, a visit to Canberra is really important.

The Two Day Gourmet Hunter Valley Experience is all about taking our time to experience the valley properly. It is an experience about more than just the wine produced there. We take the slow, picturesque route, to explore the modern Hunter Valley experiencing both wine and food, the craft spirits, a trip to an organic gin and vodka distillery. A big appetite and thirst are needed for this trip!

Everyone loves Bondi! I just wanted a tour in Sydney that explores and sees more of the capital than the stereotypical tourist places to visit (Harbour Bridge and the Opera House). It is a really eclectic sort of place, lots of different people, very artistic and Bondi has a really good music and art scene, with galleries and cafes. Rather than the average one hour stop, I make it a whole day. We get down there in the morning, walk along the beach and talk about the suburb and its history.

Then we go for a surfing lesson – with a professional of course! I don’t fancy getting in a wetsuit and teaching everyone to surf! I wouldn’t be any good!

For lunch, it is a very ozzie experience – fish and chips right by the beach at the local RSL – veterans club. The afternoon is spent on a two hour hike around the cliff tops, looking out for whales and talking about the geography and geology of the land. It is an active day and a completely original tour that I offer.”

What is your favourite thing about your city?

“It has got to be the harbour – seeing the city from the water. If you don’t see Sydney from the water then you really don’t see Sydney at all. That is my number one.

The views of the landscape and the cityscape, the natural parts of the harbour – with the natural coastline and national parks is truly beautiful and beyond comparison.

The weathered sandstone cliffs, treelines, small islands and the Sydney skyline is truly iconic. I believe the Opera house is the most recognisable building in the world and to be on the water see it from that perception is incredible.”

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