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About Rannveig

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

“Well I was born in Iceland, I am Icelandic, but I was raised in Namibia, in Africa. I lived there with my family for 6 years as a child and then we travelled quite a lot around Africa. And then my dad decided to drive home to Iceland when he finished his job. And that we did, so we drove south to the southern most part of Africa and then we drove through the entire continent, drove through Europe and sailed to Iceland, so we drove home for 8 months. So we lived in a car for 8 months! All the way from the most southern part of Africa to the most northern parts of Iceland, we did not board one plane. And that I would say was the main reason I got into the Travel Industry. So I started my own company, 3 years ago now. And that’s Obeo Travel!”

What would you say you love most about Iceland?

“What a difficult question! What I love most? I have to say the nature. I am an adventurous person and Iceland is just so beautiful and it’s just so different. On this small island, the variety of scenery you get from the black sandy beaches, to the glaciers, the canyons, the volcanoes, and oh all of our waterfalls! Its difficult to find a favourite waterfall because every 500 metres there’s a waterfall, the scenery is just breathtaking. And the way we have used nature to build our experiences is just amazing, you know these glacier hikes, volcanic tunnels, quad biking on black sandy beaches, snowmobiling on glaciers, we’re just really good at enjoying our nature. And we respect it a lot as well.”

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