Our Host: Pierre


I was born in Paris and lived there for most of my life until I moved to Bordeaux for a new job to work for a wine company. During my time here, I completely fell in love with Bordeaux and truly discovered what we call in French art de vivre (the art of living). Shortly after, I discovered there was an abundance of magnificent Châteaux’s in incredible settings that were completely closed to the public. Indeed, a few of them where already hosting visitors but the tours that was given was highly technical and somewhat pompous. Wine tours are meant to be about pleasure, conviviality, sharing, passion and meaningful encounters! And this is how we started which, thanks to our dream team, offers to visitors mostly coming from overseas, unforgettable moments during a full or half day tour spent with us. Little by little, our family got bigger: we conquered the Loire Valley, then Champagne, And now, here we are in Burgundy. What makes our experiences special is that they take place in marvelous Châteauxs that only until recently have been opened to the public. Secondly, it’s a combination of the little details that make the quality of the experience amazing. We take care and look after all aspects of the tours, meaning you don’t need to worry about anything. Apart from that, the excellence of the experience is nothing without the guide, you can have incredible landscapes, mini vans, places, but if the guide isn’t top notch, you can forget about a good experience…and out guides are experts in their field of wine.


Activities By Pierre

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