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About H&G Morocco Tours

Hamid was raised as a nomad. His family lived a nomadic life until he was about 6 years old.  Hamid’s family of 10 then settled in a remote desert village.  Family is everything to him.  Hamid is from the Amazigh tribe. “Amazigh” means free people.  He speaks five different languages:  Berber, Arabic, English, Spanish and French.  Hamid is a great people person – with a good sense of humour.  He is very in tune with nature and he enjoys showing his country to travellers. Hamid worked as a cameleer when he left school, taking visitors on their camel treks into the Saharan sand dunes. There, he mastered the art of playing the soulful African drums, as entertainment in the evenings.  It has always been Hamid’s dream to have his own tour company and show people around his country, so he left his life in the desert to follow this dream. He is passionate about showing visitors the authentic Morocco and its vibrant and rich culture.

Gilly was born and raised in Zimbabwe but now lives in the UK. She has a passion for travel and Africa is in her blood, so when she got the chance to visit Morocco, she took it and immediately fell under its spell. She has visited countless times and there is always something new to see and experience. The Sahara Desert is her absolute favourite place in Morocco,  along with the mountains, the Atlantic coast, The Blue City, Fes, Volubilis and the enchanting chaos of Marrakech! She loves the vibrant culture and the people as warm as their sunsets. On Gilly’s first adventure in Morocco, she met Hamid who regaled her with stories of life in Morocco. They both share a passion for authentic experiences and for nature and so, the partnership of H&G Morocco Tours was born.

What’s special about your experiences?  What makes them different? How are they immersive, local and authentic?

Our experiences are bespoke, tailor-made to your specific travel wishes.  We aim to include all the elements of an unforgettable, awe-inspiring experience in our tours, excursions, experiences and events.  Hamid has extremely strong family values and this is extended to our clients. Clients are cared for as if they were family. The first 6 years of Hamid’s life were nomadic. His family roamed the desert freely.  Hamid knows the desert and its environment like the back of his hand and it is where he feels most alive.  Hamid is passionate about sharing this heady, heightened sense of being alive that is evoked by being in the profound and majestic Saharan dunes with his clients.

At the end of your time with us, we want you to return home with Morocco firmly in your hearts. We will explore the off the beaten track secrets of Morocco and discover its hidden treasures.  Authenticity is important to us and we want to show you the real Morocco.

Whether it is camel trekking the evocative Sahara Desert and spending a night under a breath-taking sky full of stars, spending a day in the life of a nomad family, indulging all your senses in the vibrant atmosphere of Marrakech, letting the intoxicating rhythm of Africa pulse through your veins while playing the African drums, wandering the enchanting and artistic blue streets of Chefchaouen, taking an authentic Moroccan cooking class and creating a delicious tagine, dancing to Afro-Arabian music at traditional festivals, marvelling at the stunning, mystical architecture and intricately beautiful mosques, exploring snow-capped mountains, ancient Roman Ruins, visiting women’s argan cooperatives, towering mountain waterfalls, dining in a river in Ourika Valley and enjoying sand, sea and surf on our North African beaches, we will ensure you have the best time and a wonderfully memorable experience.

What makes ethical and sustainable travel important to you and H&G Morocco Tours?

The first 6 years of Hamid’s life were nomadic. His family roamed the desert freely.  Hamid knows the desert and its environment like the back of his hand and it is where he feels most alive.  There were many hardships, however Hamid is proud of his roots and culture. As a result of the hardships he endured, empowering local communities, preserving their culture and developing their way of life. Ensuring food and water security, employment, education and self-sufficiency is of great importance to him.  Hamid is incredibly in tune with nature and values the environment.  He feels most at peace in the beautiful, beguiling and vast wide open spaces of Morocco and is passionate about sharing this sense of peace and appreciation of the landscapes in his country. He started a small tree planting project in his village.