Eukene & team


About Eukene & team

Dedicated to teaching all things Flamenco to both visitors and locals including dance, compas and guitar lessons, this friendly Flamenco school in the heart of Seville, led by Eukene, will ensure you’ll get the most out of your time there and will show you the real Flamenco in Seville.

Quality and personal attention are the mainstay of the school’s professional Flamenco teachers and dance classes are often accompanied by a Flamenco guitarist and singer to give you the complete ‘Flamenco experience’.

Flamenco is an art form and all visitors to the school are encouraged to immerse themselves in all things Flamenco by visiting Flamenco shows and festivals that promises a cultural as well as a creative holiday experience.

There are 6 Flamenco dance tutors at the school and each tutor uses their own unique style and technique of teaching Flamenco dance. All of the tutors are talented instructors with a wealth of experience and show a true devotion to dancing. They have also worked with various artists and been taught by great maestros such as Matilde Coral, Javier Latorre, Mario Maya and Eva la Yerbabuena.

You’ll also find many professional guitar instructors who have been teaching over 10 years, including Manuel Espinosa, Francisco Morales, Manuel Berraquero, Michele Iaccarino and Antonio Gamez. All tutors have worked with various artists and accompanied and recorded records with the likes of El Pali, Maria del Monte, Juanito Valderrama and El Mistela.