Our Host: Emma Pickering


I live in Cheshire with my 3 daughters and two cats.  I have been a crafty person from a very young age.  When I’m not working I am constantly crocheting, and have a pile of projects ongoing at all times.  My house has more yarn than cupboards to put it all in!  I also enjoy sketching, cooking, gardening and binge watching the odd Netflix series (whilst crocheting of course!)  I have a diploma in crochet and textiles, over 10 years experience.  I have excellent 5 star reviews for teaching people of all ages, from children to great grandparents.  I started teaching crochet and running retreats as I am passionate about the craft and wanted to share my love for it with the world.  “Crochet is such a mindful craft, and is extremely good for your mental health and well-being.  A weekend of crochet, well, that’s my kind of heaven! I am experienced in teaching a range of levels, as well as left-handed crochet and Tunisian crochet.


Activities By Emma Pickering

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