Chris Wain

Chris Wain

Locations: Scotland

About Chris Wain

Tell us a little bit about you

I’ve been working for Pete for 14 years and before that – my parents are publicans and hoteliers so I was brought up to understand what made great service – rather than just standing around gormlessly – It really matters to me that each person on our trip loves it and that means it needs to be different for each group.

I would describe myself as an outdoor instructor. I started off as a driver and a member of logistics dealing with clients and then I wanted to get more involved so I went through instructor training so I could get really hands on.

What is special about your experiences?

I take people on activities and adventures – and because I live round here and I enjoy the area I live in and know it intimately, I want to share it with people and my interest in the cultural and wildlife.

What would you suggest for people looking for their first outdoor adventure in Scotland?

I’d take you on a selection of water based adventures – ideally to get the best views around here. I would take you to Loch Tay –start up in Kenmore a beautiful old village , nice scenic look around there on the loch and getting used to the water with loads of beautiful hills surrounding it. Loch Tay is stunning with views of an old castle, the oldest hotel in Scotland, hills all covered in pine forests, crannogs and mountains in the background and the food around here is great too.

I like meeting people and finding out about them. My favourite groups are smaller groups, family or smaller groups of friends. I like getting them onto the water – it’s a way of getting around and seeing the place that most people don’t do and it gives you a different perspective on life in the area. People drive and cycle – but the river is like a secret roadway to views and experiences that you don’t often get to see. As soon as you get onto the river you’re on a different path to everyone else – you see nature close up – you see yourself in a different light.

We take you out and maybe you’ve never been white water rafting or never been on the water in winter and we make it go as smoothly as possible for you. All the best chat and all the best equipment so people want to do it again.

You find that more and more older people are trying out new activities – these aren’t just for young active people – older people are enjoying this with their older kids or with their friends – the scariest thing is actually putting on the wet suit. People get a lot out of it. There are some activities that require more fitness but most it is just about trying something new.

What I do more and more is oversee all the trips so the younger guys have someone older and local bringing my experience to the trips. Having a local knowledge base and local understanding of what goes on here means that I take you on a raft or a stag party and it will be a different trip each time. We take you to places that we have found – that aren’t that easy to find. We know so much about the area that we can create the best experience to fit your interest.

What your favourite thing in the city?

I am a big fan of going through to Edinburgh or Glasgow to galleries and experiencing new music – the hydro and the Armadillo are really worth visiting. But what I really enjoy doing is getting away from it all and going up the hills around the loch in Kenmore and Kinloch Rannoch with my bearded collie called Maisie.