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Having always returned to the Algarve region in Portugal for many years, Cheryl and her husband decided that this was where they wanted to set up home. With over 300 sunny days per year, fabulous beaches, good food and award-winning wine, combined with the friendly approach and relaxed style of the Portuguese, it’s not hard to imagine why.

Cheryl is the organiser and cook for their painting and walking holidays. She is passionate about the Algarve; exploring, experiencing new creative hobbies, good food, joyful living, well-being and mindful connection, especially with regard to a healthy work-life balance. Cheryl is a huge fan of cooking natural vegetarian foods using locally sourced produce and is the resident chef for her holidays. She loves to share her love of healthy, delicious, simple cooking with friends, and enjoys exploring raw, vegan and vegetarian recipes. Her knowledge of the locally grown produce enables her to source the best and prepare deliciously creative fresh food for you daily.

For her painting holidays, Cheryl will be looking after you on your holiday and is joined by guest artist, Tracy-Jane.

For her walking holidays, Cheryl will also be leading afternoon walks, as she has been exploring the area for years and loves sharing her local favourite spots and knowledge. Be sure to keep an eye out for owls, foxes, herons, Algarve tigers and stags with amazing antlers, all of which can be spotted in the area.

Cheryl is working towards being recognised as a responsible travel destination. She has partnered with Vita Nativa, an association whose aim is to develop conservation and environmental sustainability projects, one project being the Local Accommodation for Birds, that aims to encourage nesting sites for birds in the Algarve region, and to promote the important role birds have in the biological control of the pests the farmers have to endure, without having to resort to the use of poisonous products.

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