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As you might expect in Finnish Lapland, the story of our Resort started from ice, and the first people living in the area were Sámi. They lived  in small communities as nomads, following the fish and game along the coast and  inland.

Standing right on the banks of the Olkka river, the resort started its life as a research station and in 2017 the current owners, a  brave and innovative team began the project of creating a unique new resort, first building ice cabins and offering Northern Lights excursions, the project quickly became  a full-service resort – and  they found themselves in the kitchen baking cinnamon rolls and cooking dinners for their guests!

The resort has led them to an expedition of a lifetime – the countless new skills learned, unforgettable encounters witnessed and the transformation journey make them feel both proud and grateful of the path they’ve chosen and each guest is welcomed as a dear friend.

With our adventures based on our premises, we take great pride in providing authentic and memorable experiences for  our guests. From the very essence of this country’s soul to more modern ways of exploring the vast wilderness around us, we have something for everyone.


Activities By Apukka

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