Alison & Sidney


About Alison & Sidney

Join professional yet fun & friendly chefs Alison and Sidney, a dynamic kitchen duo who have cooked for the likes of Queen Elizabeth II & the royal family, Richard Attenborough, Mick Jagger, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (to just name a few), and can’t wait to show you their secrets and recipes while you’re their guest in their converted French farmhouse.

Their cookery school is located in a charming hamlet in the Loire Valley and when you’re not in the kitchen you will find it easy to relax and make the most of your time whether you’re walking by the river, people watching at the cafes, or booking yourself in for a spa treatment.

Your hosts also have bicycles on hand for you to get out and explore the countryside, and perhaps work up an appetite for the amazing dinners you will be having every evening. Make sure to hit the pool in your free time and soak up some sun while you’re on holiday. You can even enjoy the local, laid back lifestyle and play boules in the village square.