Top Tips for Visiting Snowdonia

Our top tips for visiting Snowdonia are really all about helping you get the most from one of the most stunning regions in the whole of the UK.

With snow-dusted mountains that touch the sky and rolling green valleys, the contrast is always breath-taking to behold.

And whether you’re setting out for an active hiking holiday, or you’re just wanting to relax and take in the natural scenery, these top tips will help you get prepared for an amazing experience, as well as helping you find the best things to do while you’re there.

Wonder Through the Hills and Valleys

man hiking up rocks in green hills

A crucial top-tip for visiting Snowdonia, and easily the first on our list. Whether you’re an avid hill walker or you haven’t hiked a day in your life, the pace is slow up in Snowdonia.

Make sure you get out and about – go for a walk and experience the natural scenery of the national park up close and personal. You can follow any number of established trails, but going with a local guide will mean you can easily discover the secret paths that wind through the forests and across the rolling hills.

Walk for a couple of hours or a couple of days, and really get a feel for the breath-taking nature all around you.

Sit Back and Watch the Stars

starry night sky and tall trees

There are 4 Dark Sky national parks in the UK, and Snowdonia is one of them. That means it’s a reserve far from the usual light pollution you’ll find around cities and villages, and they intend to keep it that way.

For families, first-timers, or astrology buffs, that makes Snowdonia one of the best places in the whole country for star-gazing, and no trip to the park is complete without some time set aside to just look up and watch the night go by.

Check the weather forecast and step outside on a clear night when you’re there for a night sky like you’ve never seen before. 

Get Active with Some Trail Running

person running along tree lined path

It’s a bit of a change from your usual weekly jog around the houses, but trail running in Snowdonia is unlike anywhere else in the UK. With competitions throughout the year, you can let your athletic side run free where the air is cool and fresh and every turn you take will reward you with another stunning vista.

Of course, it’s not all about winning – you can join locals across the park for a bit of casual exercise, as just another way to experience one of the UK’s most naturally beautiful places.

Make Your Way Down to the Coast

lighthouse on hill by the sea

Wales is famed for having one of the most beautiful coastlines in the whole world, and that’s certainly true up in Snowdonia.

If you can, come down from the hills and mountains, and head to the coast. Or, even better, meet up with a local to discover all the best places to take a dip in the sea. Explore canyons and caves, or even spend some time cliff jumping. The water is clear and refreshing, and is just another example of the amazing natural beauty you can find across Snowdonia.

Forage for Your Supper

camp fire making meal of red peppers

With all of this nature all around you, one of the best top tips for visiting Snowdonia is to spend the time picking up some bush-craft. While that can be as simple as setting up your tent and learning to build a campfire, there are plenty of locals across Snowdonia who are getting back to basics, helping you learn how to forage across the National Park.

It’s amazing to discover how simple and easy it is to find food when you’re in a natural setting – and they can help you prepare it into the freshest, most flavoursome meal you’ve ever eaten!

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