Our Top 4 Horse Riding Holidays in Europe

Embarking on a horse riding holiday in Europe is a venture into the heart of diverse landscapes and rich cultures. On horseback, you an get further off the beaten track than ever before and discover trails and stunning natural beauty virtually inaccessible any other way. With Not In The Guidebooks, we have crafted a number of incredible horse riding holidays designed to get you out exploring the wilderness of Spain and Italy, as well as immersing yourself in the local culture of your chosen destination.

In this article, we’ll explore in detail four exceptional equestrian getaways across Europe, each promising riders of all levels an immersive and unforgettable experience.

1. “Discover the Magic of Southern Spain” – Lanjaron, Spain

people on a horse riding holiday in spain

Nestled near Granada, the spa town of Lanjaron serves as the gateway to an enchanting horse riding holiday in Andalucía. Over 4 nights and 3 days, riders explore the stunning Sierra Nevada Mountains on horseback, unveiling old Moorish mule paths and valleys that offer a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of the region.

Perched at 1023 meters above Lanjaron, the stables provide breathtaking views of the Andalucían countryside and, on clear days, the African coastline. Beyond the saddle, Lanjaron beckons with fresh mountain air, natural springs, and a chance to sample mineral-rich water believed to hold the secrets of eternal youth.

2. Journey Through the Wilds” – Ariège Pyrénées, France

pair of riders in the french pyrenees

The Ariège Pyrénées in France unfolds as a hidden gem for riders seeking an off-the-beaten-track adventure. This 5-day, 6-night horse trekking experience, guided by the knowledgeable Chantal, traverses authentic mountain hamlets and shaded woodland trails.

The rugged terrain provides a backdrop to the journey, with breathtaking views of the high mountains and encounters with the enduring traditions of the region. The intimate setting ensures personalized attention, and the flexibility to add more riding or activities each day allows for a tailored experience, creating a profound connection to the untamed beauty of the Ariège Pyrénées.

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3. Ride into Confidence” – South-West Majorca, Spain

group of horses and riders in the countryside

Ideal for riders with less than three years of continuous experience, this 8-day horse riding holiday in South-West Majorca promises a comprehensive program designed for skill enhancement and exploration. Set just a 10-minute walk from the medieval village of Montiere in the Maremma countryside, the family-run equestrian school offers a perfect blend of daily lessons, trail rides, and excursions. With nearly 100 well-trained horses, riders find the perfect match for their skill level and preferences.

The flexibility to add more riding or activities each day ensures a tailored experience, allowing participants to explore the island’s highlights at their own pace. Beyond the saddle, the rustic hotel, overlooking 15 lovable horses, a refreshing pool, and panoramic scenery, provides a tranquil retreat for riders to unwind and embrace the beauty of South-West Majorca.

4. Unbridled Beauty” – Tuscany, Italy

people riding horses in tuscany

Tailored for experienced riders, this 7-night horse riding escape in Tuscany promises a unique perspective of the region through five half-day trail rides. Nestled in the Maremma countryside, the adventure unfolds just a short walk from the medieval village of Montiere. The family-run horse riding center ensures a personalized experience with a wide range of natural diversity and agile Maremma crossbred horses, making it an ideal haven for those who adore both horses and the great outdoors.

The flexibility to add more riding or activities each day ensures a customized experience, allowing riders to explore Tuscany’s stunning landscapes at their own pace. The cozy rustic hotel provides a charming backdrop for riders to bask in the Tuscan sunshine, making this horse riding escape not just a journey but an immersion into the unbridled beauty of Tuscany.

Here at Not In The Guidebooks, we scour the earth on the hunt for unique, experience-led holidays that get you off the beaten track, and to the beating heart of the destination you are visiting. To do this, we source experiences that are created by the people who know the destination best – the locals.

Whether it’s a horse riding holiday, a surfing holiday in Portugal, or even a wildlife holiday in Costa Rica, with Not In The Guidebooks you can be certain that you will leave having had unforgettable experiences made possible only by the passion and expertise of your local host.

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