Ayurvedic Yoga explained

Welcome to our weekly series dedicated to helping you navigate the confusing lingo of yoga. Beginner or not, this ‘yoga dictionary’ will be here every Tuesday to quench your curiosity about a new, bizarre yogi word.

This week’s term:

Ayurvedic Yoga

Ayurveda (pronounced ah-yur-VED-ick or ah-yur-VEED-ick) has developed alongside yoga as the science devoted to the balance of the mind in relation to the body. First developed to help cure discomfort, disease, and illness through herbal medicine and natural treatments, Ayurveda has combined with yoga (hence, ayurvedic yoga).

This new Ayurvedic Yoga practice allows you to detox and balance your mind as you also, literally, balance your body. The entire practice as a whole is designed to move you toward spiritual growth.

Best part of Ayurvedic Yoga: You’re in for the full-balancing experience with Ayurvedic yoga. If you love the holistic approach in your life, then this is a wonderful yoga option for you.

Once you feel like taking your yoga practice and learning beyond the studio (say, to a beach), check out some yoga holidays and retreats and indulge your inner yogini/yogi.

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