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The country that spans the gap between Asia and Europe, Turkey is a culmination of all the best bits of cuisine, scenery, history and culture that these two epic continents have to offer.

This choke point between Empires and trade routes has left Turkey with some of richest heritage and fascinating local culture that you’ll find anywhere on earth, which makes itself evident in Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine ruins that sprawl across the landscape.

Turkish food is also one of the happy results of one of this crossroad of cultures and the faint whispers of the Silk Road. A cuisine to die for, expect copious amounts of olive oil, spices and baklava, along with incredibly warm hospitality.

Of course, then, there is the scenery. The stunning mountain ranges of Kaçkar, golden sand beaches all along the Aagean, and quiet olive groves in the midst of crumbling ancient ruins, expect Turkey’s physical beauty to leave a lasting impression.

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Best Time to Visit Turkey


Turkey’s high season is from June to August, when visitors flock to the many beautiful beaches to bask in the heat of the sun. If you’re not on the coast or in the higher mountains, it can get oppressively hot, so you’re better travelling in April, May, September or October if you’re planning on being a touch more active during your holiday in Turkey.

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