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Activity Holidays in Sweden

Ever-hip, ever-innovative Sweden is a country that draws you in with cutting-edge culture and design, with slick cities and world-class cuisine, and then blows you away with deep forests, idyllic islands, and vast stretches of wilderness that gleam beneath the Northern Lights.

Sweden really does have something for everyone. Whether you’re after an unpretentious yet classy weekend break of refined culture, or an expedition into some of Europe’s great wildernesses and dive into the incredible Sami culture, both are readily available.

In Stockholm you can hit the city streets where everything feels ordered, precise, and incredibly stylish. Hit up one of many spectacular restaurants as you hop from island to island in one of the most aesthetically pleasing cities you’re likely to visit, or delve into the rich history the capital boasts.

Otherwise, immerse yourself in the incredible Swedish landscape. Whether it’s sailing an empty archipelago and escaping to total isolation, pitching a tent beneath snow-dusted mountains or kayaking along the Baltic coastline, it’s a country ripe for exploration.

Best Time to Visit Sweden

The most popular time to visit Sweden actually doesn’t arrive until June, when you can expect excellent weather for hiking, sailing, kayaking, and all manner of outdoor pursuits.

Of course, get to the winter and the country is covered in snow and the nights are long, but that can come with its own magic.

Skiing, winter activities, sledding, and gazing in wonder at the Northern Lights are just some of the winter opportunities that spring to mind.