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Visit the beating heart of Sri Lanka’s Southern Province.
Looking for the perfect combination of golden beaches, lush jungle and cultural experiences? Read our insider’s guide to find out why Galle should definitively be on your travel agenda in South East Asia.

Best Time to Visit Galle

With a tropical climate, Sri Lanka has distinctive wet and dry seasons so it’s important to plan your trip around the weather. There are two monsoons each year with affect Sri Lanka, but only one which has an impact on the south west where Galle is located. Some pointers to help you decide when to visit:

Temperatures remain consistent throughout the year on the coasts of Sri Lanka, between 26-32˚C. Regardless of when you visit it will be hot and humid and perfect weather for a dip in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean!
The southwest monsoon affects the south and west coasts as well as the Hill Country between April and September. Remember that our lush scenery needs plenty of rain to remain beautiful and green.
December – March is the main dry season for the south and west coast.
Traditionally most tourists visit Sri Lanka between December and March but there is never a bad time to visit, so if you want to avoid the crowds you can choose another time of year to explore Sri Lanka. My favourite months are January and February which incorporate some great local events such as the Galle Literary Festival.

Top Tips for Visiting Galle

  • Visit Church Street for a memorable shopping trip featuring silks, spices and saris
  • Watch a cricket game at Galle International Stadium – Sri Lankans are very proud of their cricket team!
  • Take a boat trip to spot ocean giants such as whales and dolphins
    Care for sea turtles at the Habaraduwa​ Turtle Hatchery
  • Visit Yala National Park to spot amazing wildlife such as leopards, crocodiles and elephants – it’s just a day trip from Galle
    Savour the delicious Sri Lankan cuisine