Mallorca is what you see on the traditional postcard in a souvenir shop. It’s what most people picture when they think of a typical Spanish holiday and in many cases, it is exactly that.  All the usual idyllic landscapes, sapphire seas and all-round Mediterranean magic, that countless tourists enjoy every year.

But if you head out of the main tourist resorts, you’ll find that hidden coves, near-empty golden beaches and quiet, traditional towns are very much in abundance, and a treasure trove of unique, authentic experiences.

Mallorca’s landscapes offer up exceptional chances to hike, bike, dive, swim, explore in any other way that gets the pulse racing. There are theatrical mountains in the north, dramatic cliffs to the east and sweeping coastlines in the south. And the best thing about it? The island is pretty compact, so you can explore them all during your stay.

Mallorca is also dotted with plenty of cute, traditional villages that give you a true taste for local life on the island. From Deià on the west coast to Esporles just outside Palma, each has its own unique, authentic intricacies that one stroll along the cobblestoned streets or through the dappled sunlight of ancient olive groves will reveal.

Mallorca’s hinterland has an irresistible, laid-back charm, which along with incredible, fresh seafood, excellent wine and warm hospitality, leaves the travellers that go with us, completely in love with this unique island.

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