Wine Tour: Andalucia in a Glass

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Andalucía, Spain

7 days

Join a small group of 4 - 12

Wine Tour: Andalucia in a Glass

From £2871 pp

What You'll Do

Whether you are a seasoned fine wine aficionado or simply a lover of the grape looking to enjoy, Andalusia is the place for you. Join a small group to enjoy this wonderful insight into Spanish wines with your local host,


6 September 2023

From the historic sherries of Jerez, to the up-and-coming new vineyards in Ronda and Granada province, Andalusia boasts numerous top-quality wines. There are over 40,000 hectares of vineyards planted in 20 regions with over half of the wine production concentrated over 4 major ‘Denomination de Origen’ (D.O. areas or the equivalent to France’s Appellation d’origins Controllee). On this tour, we will explore 3 of these D.O. spread over 4 different regions:

1. Axarquía (Malaga province) belonging to the D.O. Sierras de Malaga

2. Montilla (Córdoba province) belonging to the D.O. Montilla-Moriles

3. Ronda (Malaga province) belonging to the D.O. Sierras de Málaga

4. Jérez (Cádiz province) belonging to the D.O Sherry

Wine in Andalusia has come a long way since 1100 BC when the Phoenicians first planted their vineyards in the fertile lands of Cadiz. By Roman times, wine was being produced in Andalusia in a big way and interestingly enough, this continued through Moorish times; despite the fact that the Koran discourages the consumption of alcohol, some found creative ways to interpret the Koran’s words on wine, providing some justification such as medicinal purposes. From the 15th century onwards, Andalusian wines were shipped to appreciative drinkers elsewhere in Europe, particularly England, where there was a great fondness for Sack (as Sherry was called then) and sweet wines from Malaga. This continued until the 19th century, when European vineyards were affected by the Oidium fungus (Powdery Mildew), followed by an even more devastating plague of Phylloxera (American vine root louse), which first appeared in Bordeaux in 1868 and spread to South Spain 20 years later. As a result, vineyards were replanted with plague-resistant American rootstock, while some, sadly, never fully recovered.


Visit top ancestral cellars and boutique family wineries with VIP wine tastings

Sample and savour local gastronomy with paired lunches and tapas tastings

Learn about olive oil production by visiting a hand-picked family farm

Enjoy the outdoors and rural Andalusia by discovering the Doñana Natural Park

Your Local Host:


I was born and raised in Montilla, a small town in the province of Córdoba. I gained a translation degree from the University of Granada and worked for 14 years in international sales. During those years working for two different companies, I had the reoccurring dream of opening my own small boutique travel agency. I wanted to make travellers fall in love with Spain, offering bespoke experiences that will remain forever in their souls.

Experience Itinerary

A sip on Andalusia's coast

Upon arrival in Malaga, you will meet with your guide and group with whom you will be spending the next week exploring Andalusia’s wine regions. Together, you will head to your first destination: the Axarquia region belonging to the Sierras de Malaga D.O. We’ve selected our favourite winery in this region: Bodegas Bentomiz. Here, you’ll enjoy a guided tour of the winery’s vineyards and production area. Rugged landscape, vertical vineyards and spectacular views form the unique setting of this winery. Sheltered by the Maroma mountain range in the back, yet with the Mediterranean Sea in sight, nature provides the perfect conditions for winemaking, as well as for a relaxing afternoon with a glass of wine in your hand. Their 80 to 100-year-old vines flourish in slate soils at heights between 500m and 800m above sea level. It is their balance between traditional and modern techniques, and their dedicated, hands-on approach, that has allowed Bodegas Bentomitz to produce an exceptional range of fresh, delicate, elegant wines. Over 20 Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe serve the Ariyanas wines. These include restaurants such as El Celler de Can Roca, De Karmeliet, SantCeloni, Ramon Freixa, Enoteca Paco Pérez, and De Kromme Watergang.

After the tour, you’ll get to taste four of their Ariyanas wines. This will be followed by a delicious gourmet wine-pairing lunch in the wine salon. Enjoy the stunning views and your delectable meal, all in a beautiful and a relaxed atmosphere.

In the afternoon we then have a short guided tour of Frigiliana, a charming white village where we’ll enjoy a guided walk through the whitewashed narrow streets stopping at the most breath-taking viewpoints. Frigiliana is a maze of cobbled streets, with meticulously maintained whitewashed houses, that provide a stunning contrast against the blue skies and red slate roofs. The colourful plant pots brimming with bougainvillea, lavender, and jasmine all add an extra dash of colour to this enchanting scene. As you wander up the hillside through the pedestrianised cobbled streets, past the white houses with doors painted an array of pastel colours, past tiny nooks and crannies and viewpoints that offer glimpses of the surrounding countryside and the coast below, you can fully understand why Frigiliana is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful villages in Andalusia. The village has consistently won awards to that effect, and has been voted as the ‘Prettiest village in Andalusia’ by the Spanish tourism authority. After this visit, you’ll be driven to your hotel in Cordoba (approx. 2hr 15mins).

You have a free evening in Cordoba but don’t worry, we will provide you with good recommendations for places to eat, drink and tips for city walks or any events happening during your travel dates. Córdoba is a city in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia, and the capital of the province of Córdoba. A great cultural reference point in Europe, this ancient city has been declared a World Heritage Site and contains a mixture of the diverse cultures that have settled it throughout history. Very few places in the world can boast of having been the capital of a Roman province (Hispania Ulterior), the capital of an Arab State (Al-Andalus) and a Caliphate. The city famously houses the Mezquita, a symbol of the worldly, sophisticated culture that flourished here more than a millennium ago when Córdoba was western Europe’s biggest, most cultured city. Such splendour is palpable in the intellectual wealth of this city, that has seen the birth of figures like Seneca, Averroes, and Maimonides (Cordoba has in fact erected a life-size statue in honour of this physician and philosopher considered one of the greatest Jewish thinkers of all time).

Meals included: Wine tasting & wine-pairing lunch


Cordoba Hotel

hall in a hotel in cordoba

Cordoba - A rich bouquet of history

This morning you have a guided tour of Córdoba. Your art historian guide will meet you at the lobby of your hotel to take you for an introductory walking tour of approx. 3 hours to discover the main sites of Cordoba, a Unesco listed city. The visit will, of course, include the famed Mosque/Cathedral (La Mezquita), a monumental site which encapsulates this city’s identity like few other buildings can, with the layers of its beautifully complex history visibly integrated in its walls and bearing the marks of the various and diverse cultures and civilisations that helped shape this fascinating city. You will also discover the Jewish quarter (la judería), a quaint and charming network of pretty narrow lanes that will lead you to the Synagogue a unique building in Andalusia and one of the three best-preserved Medieval synagogues in the whole of Spain. This wonderful tour will end at the Royal Alcázar/Palace, once the residence of Roman governors and Moorish caliphs, and finally, in 1328 the Cordovan home of the Spanish kings. Lunch at Bodegas Campos, a beautiful maze of rooms and patios, this restaurant is Córdoba classic and popular with both cordobeses and visitors. Both the restaurant and more informal taberna (tavern) section serve up delicious dishes putting a creative twist on traditional Andalucian dishes without ever taking away from its authenticity whilst serving it’s very own wines!

Meals included: Breakfast & lunch


Cordoba Hotel

hotel room in cordoba

The essence of Andalusia's countryside

Today we have a day trip to Montilla olive oil & wine region. On this exciting tour, we will venture out into the countryside to explore the beautiful hills of Montilla (still a very unspoiled wine region south of Córdoba) part of the Montilla-Moriles D.O. This tour is designed for curious and adventurous wine-lovers, amateurs and experts alike! Olive oil, gastronomy, and wine are part of Andalusia’s popular wisdom and with this tour, you will delve into this fascinating world.

Your private driver/tour guide will pick you up from your hotel and will take you to Montilla (approx. 40 min ride) for your morning olive oil experience. Your first stop will be a family-run olive oil mill where you will discover the full process of olive oil making. You will enjoy a tour of the family groves and learn about the different characteristics, culinary uses and health benefits of olive oil. After a visit to the mill and the on-site museum, you will enjoy a very interesting short video about oil production followed by a tasting of two of their delicious varieties along with freshly baked bread made by the very same family!

The second experience of the day is a visit to Lagar Blanco for wine tasting and lunch. A local family-run boutique winery located right in the heart of the Sierra de Montilla, a stunning rural landscape with endless vineyards and rolling hills. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by a truly passionate viticulturist who will take you to the family vineyards to tell you about the history of this ancestral winery. Next, you will be guided into the wine cellar, a remarkable sacred space where their oldest wines are kept. On this educational tour, you will learn about the unique grape variety that grows exclusively in Montilla, the popular and worldwide known “Pedro Ximenez”. You will also learn about the entire process and ageing system of these unique dry and sweet wines, a process that is probably the oldest in Spain. The visit will end with a delicious tasting of 5 different varieties (Tinaja, Fino, Amontillado, Oloroso, PX) followed by a traditional tapas lunch home made by the winery owners. After lunch, private transfer to your hotel in Ronda (approx. 1h 50mins)

Upon arrival in Ronda, you will first check-in at your hotel where you could leave your luggage and straight after you will go on an introductory walking sunset tour of approx 2.5 hours which will cover the old town, the cliffs, the New bridge and the bullring. Ronda is a mountaintop city that sits in the heart of the Serrania de Ronda. Set dramatically above a deep gorge and surrounded by lush river valleys, it is a place that is absolutely breathtaking. The gorge, El Tajo, separates the city’s 15th-century new town from its Moorish old town. Puente Nuevo, a stone bridge spanning the gorge, has a lookout offering stunning views and the new town’s Plaza de Toros, a legendary 18th-century bullring, is one of the city’s most recognisable landmarks.

Meals included: Breakfast, olive oil tasting, wine tasting & tapas lunch


Ronda Hotel

hotel in ronda

Ronda's Vineyards

This morning you have a tour of Acinipo. Your private driver will pick you up from your hotel and will take you the Roman site of Acinipo, where you will learn about the region’s long wine history. Much of what is known about ancient winemaking in the Ronda region comes from archaeological findings out of the nearby Roman city of Acinipo. This relatively undisturbed Roman site located 20km northwest of Ronda is believed to have been founded by retired soldiers more than 2,000 years ago after Caesar’s civil war when parcels of land were given to veterans in his legions who in turn settled with their wives and children and became tradespeople, or grew grapes to make wine. In fact, the name Acinipo means “amongst the vineyards”. It was one of the few cities in the Roman Empire that produced wine which was then exported back to Rome.

Then, you will visit a boutique family-run winery close by where you will have a delicious wine tasting lunch. The visit begins with a tour through the vineyards to admire the spectacular views over the Roman settlements of Acinipo. Then you will continue visiting the different areas where wine is elaborated, bottled and finally aged at the cellar. You will learn directly from the family producers the whole wine-making process, ‘from gap to glass’. This will be followed by a tasting of their wines paired with a delicious tapas lunch homemade and cooked by Gema herself.

After lunch, you’ll head to your second winery of the day where you’ll enjoy a guided tour of this family-run boutique winery, which will include a visit to the cellar and gardens, a tasting of 3 wines paired with cured Iberian meats and cheese. The bodega features a very special building: a recently restored Trinitary Convent from the XVIc. You have been booked for a wine tasting & snacks tour of approx .1.5hrs to discover the magic of the place and the amazing wines that they produce. The barrel room boasts a restored fresco on the wall. It is indeed one of Ronda ́s most beautiful wineries in the area thanks to its spectacular location and stunning views over the Tajo gorge. Once you’ve visited the winery you will have the rest of the afternoon & evening in Ronda free to enjoy at your leisure.

Meals included: Breakfast, wine tastings & wine pairing tapas lunch


A glass of Jerez, Xeres and Sherry...

Your private driver will pick you up from your hotel and will take you to Jerez (approx. 1hr 40mins). You’ll have some time to check in and leave your luggage before going for an introductory orientation walk of this fascinating city. Jerez is the capital of Andalusian horse culture, being the home of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art and its famous dancing horses. It is equally famous for its Sherry as well as its Flamenco style. Jerez is also a vibrant, chic modern Andalusian city, where fashion brands live in old palaces and stylishly outfitted business people sit down to distinctly contemporary cuisine. Founded in 1998 by a descendant of one of Jerez’s oldest sherry dynasties, Bodegas Tradición produces sherries and wines in their purest state, oren rama (without any filtering or tampering). It also houses one of Spain’s most important private art collections, which contains works by Goya and Velázquez, amongst others.

After your orientation walk, it’s time to visit Bodegas Tradición, a winery dedicated to combining two art forms: the elaboration and ageing of Sherry wines and Spanish paintings. On this exceptional and unique tour, your expert guide will help you discover the winery and its private art gallery. Not only will you learn about Sherry and how it is produced and aged, but you’ll also get to know the bodega’s history followed by a tour of the bodega’s art gallery. The art collection here includes some of Spain’s finest works from master such as Goya, Zurbaran, Velazquez, Murillo and El Greco, among others. This exciting experience will end with a tasting of 3 of this bodegas best wines: VORS, VOS Tradición and Fino Tradición.

From the winery, you will head to La Carboná a fabulous restaurant located an old sherry bodega, now renovated. Here, you’ll enjoy a wonderful wine pairing lunch. La Carboná is a restaurant located in an old wine cellar, built in 1898. This cellar has been declared a historical building and is part of the city’s cultural heritage. Serving dishes based on local fresh products: fish from the Atlantic, Cantabrian golden meats and aromatic herbs and vegetables from local gardens. Javier Muñoz, the Sherry-Chef, gets his inspiration from this wine, which is a very important component in his cuisine. He has a passion for international ingredients and, of course, Sherry wine. In fact, fourteen of the twenty-seven specialities on the menu are based on Jerez wines. In addition, they also serve two tasting menus which include Jerez wines, since the restaurant is also part of the Wine and Brandy route contest which takes place every year.

The rest of the afternoon & evening will be free for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Meals included: Breakfast, wine tastings & wine-pairing lunch


Hotel in Jerez

Wine, nature and flamenco

This morning you have a tour of Bodegas Hidalgo la Gitana in Salùcar, where you will visit the vineyards, patios and winery. Then, it’s time for a tasting which will feature 5 of the bodega’s wines: Pagollano Blanco, Las 30 del Cuadrado, Manzanilla La Gitana en Rama, Amontillado Napoleón and Oloroso Pharaoh accompanied by some snacks of course!

After the morning winery visit, you’ll head to Mirador de Doñana restaurant for a lovely lunch.

After lunch, you’ll be taken to the beach of Bajo de Guia in Sanlucar where you will meet your guide for a lovely afternoon in the Doñana National Park; a remarkable corner of the country known for its wetlands, migratory birds, pine forests and shifting coastal dunes. The visit starts with a transfer to Doñana in one of the traditional barges that cross the Guadalquivir River. There, you’ll get into a four-wheel drive vehicle with which you will visit Doñana’s various ecosystems including its vast beach, the famous moving dunes of white sands, the lush pine forests, and the “vera”, which marks the border between the forest and the marsh, a place that plays host to thousands of migrating water birds from Central and Northern Europe in the winter. The jeep tour ends in “La Plancha”, a village of huts where the Doñana’s inhabitants used to live. You’ll board a boat which will take you to the last landscape of the day and one of great importance-the Guadalquivir River-Doñana’s life source. During the boat trip, of approx. 30 minutes, you’ll learn about the importance of the river as well as all there is to know about its banks, its origins, and its fauna. The tour ends back at the departure point, the beach of Bajo de Guia, in Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

Tonight, you’ll live an experience truly unique to Jerez, an evening at a Tabasco; an old sherry store where great wine tasting is enjoyed directly from the barrel while listening to authentic Flamenco rhythms. On this last evening, we invite you to sit back and enjoy this truly singular & unforgettable night.


Hotel in Jerez

Jerez & departure

Today you’ll discover Jerez’s third passion: horses. After a leisurely morning in Jerez, you will enjoy the Royal Equestrian School’s well-known horse show “How the Andalusian horse dances”, an equestrian ballet with Spanish music and 18th-century style costumes. The performance showcases everything from Doma Vaquera (Spanish farmhand reining) to low rein work (where the horseman or woman controls the horse from the ground) and Quadrilles, where horses and riders dance in synchronised movements. When it comes to Andalusian horses and dressage, the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art is one of the most important sites in Spain. The school is located in the Recreo de Las Cadenas, designed by French architect Charles Garnier who also designed the Paris Opera and the Monte Carlo Casino.

After the show, you will be transferred to Seville (airport or train station – approx. 1hr 15mins).

Location Information

Andalusia boasts numerous top-quality wines. There are over 40.000 hectares of vineyards planted in 20 regions. You’ll explore four of these; Axarquía (Malaga province), Montilla (Córdoba province), Ronda (Malaga province) and Jérez (Cádiz province).

Tour starts: Malaga

Tour ends: Seville

On Day 1 your driver will meet you at Malaga airport.

  • 6 nights boutique hotels
  • All breakfasts, 6 lunches and 1 dinner
  • Local guide throughout
  • Airport transfers and all in-destination transfers
  • Skip the line access


This is a small-group tour for 4-12 people