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Activity Holidays in Cape Town

Cape Town, or as we like to call it ‘Bucket List Central.’ How many cities in the world can you climb a mountain, swim with penguins, watch whales, chill out on golden beaches, go on safari, dine in exquisite restaurants and drink in the edgiest bars, all on the same trip?

Not many, if any at all. Cape Town on the other hand will let you do all these and plenty more.

There are amazing, authentic, unusual experiences to discover if you get off the beaten path, we’ve arranged some unique things to do in Cape Town with the help of our trusted local guides.

So whether it’s addictive adventure, abundant wildlife, exciting culture, captivating history, or the lot. There’s plenty to go around in the ‘mother city.’ So, what’re you waiting for?

Best Time to Visit Cape Town

Like most places, the best time to visit Cape Town is dependent on weather and climate. We are blessed with a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers with limited humidity and relatively mild, wet winters, so really you can visit Cape Town and South Africa all year round. However, Capetonians live for the summer and everyone comes out for beach volleyball, street parties and sundowners.

Nov-March is summer season, and is usually hot and sunny most days. There is a welcome breeze known locally as the ‘Cape Doctor’ with some days bringing stronger winds to defeat unbearable temperatures. Summer is a great time to visit if you want to enjoy the beach and see a buzzing Cape Town which doesn’t sleep.

March-May is Cape Town’s short autumn, which offers the perfect weather for exploring. The summer wind has died down but days are still warm, and the local vegetation turns to stunning burnt oranges and reds.

May-Aug brings cooler, wetter weather however we do enjoy the odd day of warm sunshine. Winter is also the best time to spot whales, and the sunsets are really rewarding.

Aug – Nov is an unpredictable time in Cape Town, with beautiful sunny days and some heavy rainstorms. However spring is a lovely time to visit the wildlife parks and open spaces surrounding the city when they are in full bloom.

Top Tips for Visiting Cape Town

  • Prepare for a variety of weather – although we do have a Mediterranean style climate, with an average temperature of 17 degrees, we’re no strangers to the wind and the rain. So make sure you come prepared.
  • Plan your visit – sounds obvious, but with the vast range of things to do in Cape Town, you want to make sure you get the most out of your trip – so do plan ahead
  • Tour the diversity – we do have loads of breathtaking sites here in Cape Town which are phenomenal. But make sure you spend time exploring the local culture as well. Diving into the local areas and spending time with the people that live there.

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