Northern Lights by Snowmobile


Venture on a snowmobile through the wintery landscape of Lapland and witness the wonders of the Northern Lights in a most unique way.

“It is said that the most powerful shamans could call the Northern Lights by whistling, jump on their back, and ride them

Take a snowmobile through the nocturnal snow-covered forest, far away from the residential areas and their light pollution, up the slopes of the silent snowy fells.

Up in the fell, we warm up by the fire under the starry sky and wait with an evening meal and hot drinks. Are you the one who sees the first flare of the Northern Lights?

Take photos of the Northern Lights, the snow-covered conifers, and the fells or just let the unforgettable sights enchant you.

Our snowmobiles are new, extremely easy to use, and safe. If you wish, you can also hop into the sleigh towed by the guide and focus on enjoying the experience with all of your senses.

What's Included

Guiding in English
Warm Drinks & Snacks
Thermal Clothing inc. Overalls, Boots & Gloves
Snowmobile & Fuel

Other Information

Please note that this experience is not available for children under 16.

This experience is also available in Levi.

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