A Collective Journey

Is there a place for a collective travel business?

What were you expecting us to be? Why are you reading this? What trips or holiday experiences were you hoping to find?

We’ve established Not In The Guidebooks as a global collective of travellers, local Ambassadors and Experience Partners. Our mission is to find the very best and most authentic local experiences in the destinations you are visiting. We passionately believe that your holiday highlights, will be borne out of discovering a new place, a different culture or a challenging activity … with an expert local.

These are not tourist guides. You will meet real local people who will allow you special access and insight to their home city and surrounding region. It will be a shared and collective experience with local people who have their fingers on the pulse and who know what is on and when are the best times to go.

From Edinburgh you could spend a day river rafting and then making your own personal blend of Scotch whisky; in Cape Town you could join a street art walking experience through the vibrant neighbourhood of Woodstock; or in Sydney you can hike, surf and explore an alternative side to the iconic Bondi Beach suburb. Whatever appeals to you, Not In The Guidebooks promise you something a little bit different and just that little bit extra-ordinary.

You might be wondering what is truly different about Not In The Guidebooks. Our answer is that we believe there is a place for a collective travel company. We know that the joy of travel and discovery, but also the financial benefits, can and should be shared with local people. Our local Experience Partners directly benefit every time you travel with them. Your relationship and experiences are with them and every one of them will have a personal share in our future success.

Join in. Join us. Be a part of our collective journey.

Ben Roseveare, Co-Founder