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Sea Kayaking in Mauritius

From £69 pp


3 Hours

Join a Group (2-10)

Sea Kayaking in Mauritius

From £69 pp

What You'll Do

Embark on a captivating sea-kayaking expedition to the tranquil shores of secluded Amber Island, nestled off the coast of Mauritius.

As your paddle dips into the mesmerizing expanse of crystal-clear turquoise waters, a panorama of awe-inspiring vistas unfolds around you. The island’s seclusion casts a spell of tranquillity, offering a rare sanctuary away from the world’s bustle. A chance to forge an intimate connection with nature in this beautiful country.

The rhythmic sounds of your paddle harmonizes with the soft murmur of the ocean breeze, composing a symphony of serenity that optimises this experience. Upon arriving at the island’s immaculate white shores, an array of untouched magnificence leaves you entranced. Luxuriant foliage and exotic creatures create a living canvas of unspoiled tropical wilderness.

Designed for both seasoned kayakers and novices, this expedition caters to every skill level. Beyond the physical voyage, it’s an opportunity to marvel at nature’s marvels and bask in the solitude of a concealed haven. Venturing via sea kayak to Amber Island is an indelible odyssey that lingers in your soul, a testament to Mauritius’ unadulterated natural opulence.


Discover Amber Island's untouched beauty

Sea kayak through crystal clear water

Immerse yourself in exotic wildlife, lush vegetation and secluded wilderness

Your Local Host:


I was born and raised in Mauritius, since an early age I have been involved in tourism. Through the years I’ve seen Mauritius grow as a world-renowned destination for our beautiful sea side resorts and pristine beaches and that is all, pretty much.

As a local, I knew there was more Mauritius could offer to a traveller. I wanted to introduce Mauritius to visitors as a local friend would do, the authentic way so that they too could see all the beauty in nature, traditions and landscapes that only locals know.

Location Information

Nestled like a hidden gem in the azure embrace of the Indian Ocean, Amber Island graces the coastline of Mauritius with its secluded allure. A symphony of untouched natural beauty unfolds on its pristine white sands, where lush vegetation and rare wildlife harmonize to create a sanctuary of unspoiled tropical wilderness.

Meeting point: B15, Goodlands, Mauritius at 8:30 am


  • Local bilingual guide
  • Kayaks
  • Paddles
  • Safety jackets
  • Snacks
  • Fruits


Yes of course you can! This experience is made for everyone whether you are a seasoned kayaker or this is your very first time.

Yes, we can arrange for you to be picked up and dropped off at your hotel the cost of the private transfer will be £75 per way.