Not In The Guidebooks is building a community of local ambassadors and local partners, people, passionate about local experiences and activities  showcasing what they can offer to independent travellers coming to visit their city or region.  We have started with local Ambassadors in Edinburgh, Cape Town, Sri Lanka and Sydney.  These ambassadors, our partners have sourced interesting local authentic things to do in their area, from hikes to local cooking sessions, street photography to local horse riding.  The common theme is that these are unique to the local area (like The Whisky Making Adventure  white water rafting in Aberfeldy, or Cook like a local in Galle, Sri Lanka) run by small local independent businesses or individual members of the local community.

We are looking for Ambassador in regions all of the world, who will source and deliver the very best experiences that are unique to their city or region. Not In The Guidebooks experiences are delivered by local activity providers (partners) who are passionate about their local cuisine, crafts, culture, activities, art, nature or anything else unique to their area. Our Ambassadors not only find the very best local activities that are different from the run of the mill standard tours, but they also keep their finger on the pulse, knowing what local events, exhibitions, gigs etc are on and the best times to go.

Our Partner hosts  may have one or two amazing experiences, but they all have a common link:

  • A truly local and immersive experience
  • Off the beaten track (we’re not looking for the main tourist sites, unless you showcase it in a uniquely local way)
  • Experiences that are sustainable and responsible


We are building Not in The Guidebooks as a global collective where our Ambassadors and local partners will all enjoy a personal share in our future success. The more you get involved the more benefits you will be able to access.

Take a look at what we are doing now and if you would like to be part of this fabulous community or just to find out more please contact me at [email protected]

Many thanks,


Founder & CEO