Secret Roman Wine Bar Tour


Once you have marveled at the Pantheon, strolled through the Forum and climbed the Spanish Steps, it is time to relax and head into one of Rome’s secret wine bars for a well-deserved aperitivo.

This early evening walking tour will take you through some of Rome’s most charming streets where you will discover the locals’ favorite enoteche (Italian for wine bars) and sample some of the best wines Italy has to offer. You’ll get a taste of local life as your guide describes the stories and legends behind each neighborhood and introduces you to Roman culture and traditions.

Suggested start time 5:30pm


What's Included

  • Includes a private English-speaking guide
  • finger foods
  • wine tastings.
  • Visit to 3 wine bars
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  1. Joe

    Wednesday 6th February, 2019
    My girlfriend and I were on a city break to Rome and wanted to discover some of the places that tourists don’t go (yeah I know we’re tourists too - the irony isn’t lost on us!) Our guide, Marino, took us to this cellar at Passetto, a restaurant near Piazza Navona, where we tried some of the region’s red wines. Then we went to this place nearby (can’t remember the name!!) and you could immediately tell is was a localsy place. Groups of Italians were spilling out onto its streets, glass in hand, and the food - cured meats, cheeses and ravioli pasta was AMAZING. We’re so glad we went on this tour - thanks Marino for giving us a real feel of Rome!